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The White Boy Shuffle The White Boy Shuffle
By Beatty, Paul
2001-05 - Picador USA
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In Beatty's hilarious and scathing debut novel, Gunnar Kaufman is an awkward black surfer bum who moves from Santa Monica to urban West Los Angeles. There, he begins to undergo a transformation from neighborhood outcast to basketball superstar. …More

The Emperor of Ocean Park The Emperor of Ocean Park
By Carter, Stephen L.
2003-05 - Vintage Books USA
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In his triumphant fictional debut, Stephen Carter combines a large-scale, riveting novel of suspense with the saga of a unique family." The Emperor of Ocean Park is set in two privileged worlds: the upper crust African American society of the Eastern seabord--families who summer at Martha's Vineyard--and the inner circle of an Ivy League law school.
Talcott Garland is a successful law professor, devoted father, and husband of a beautiful and ambitious woman, whose future desires may threaten the family he holds so dear. …More

Liar's Game Liar's Game
By Dickey, Eric Jerome
2002-05 - New American Library
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The author of the sensational bestsellers, "Cheaters, Friends and Lovers; Milk in My Coffee; " and "Sister, Sister, " delivers his most boldly honest novel yet: the story of a love that starts with a lie. …More

Acacia: Book One: The War with the Mein Acacia: Book One: The War with the Mein
By Durham, David Anthony
2007-06 - Doubleday Books
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"Acacia" offers a thrilling work of literary imagination that creates an all-enveloping and mythic world. Durham has written a timeless tale of heroism and betrayal, of treachery and revenge, of primal wrongs and ultimate redemption. …More

The Devil's Hatband The Devil's Hatband
By Greer, Robert
2004-09 - Frog Books
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When the daughter of a black federal judge gets carried away with her militant environmentalism, Denver bail bondsman and sometime bounty hunter C.J. Floyd is hired to retrieve her. But when C.J. finds her, she's been strangled with barbed wire. …More

A History of the African-American People (Proposed) by Strom Thurmond A History of the African-American People (Proposed) by Strom Thurmond
By Everett, Percival
2004-04 - Akashic Books
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In this fictitious and satirical chronicle, veteran authors Everett and Kincaid present an uproarious send-up of one of America's most controversial icons. …More

Not a Day Goes by Not a Day Goes by
By Harris, E. Lynn
2004-02 - Anchor Books
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John "Basil" Henderson has always played the field, both as a professional football player and as an equal opportunity lover. After retiring his jersey for a career as a sports agent, the dashing playboy is surprising everyone--including himself--by deciding to settle down and commit to his new love, Yancey Harrington Braxton. …More

The Known World The Known World
By Jones, Edward P.
2004-05 - Amistad Press
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A BookPage Notable Title
In one of the most acclaimed novels in recent memory, Edward P. Jones, two-time National Book Award finalist, tells the story of Henry Townsend, a black farmer and former slave who falls under the tutelage of William Robbins, the most powerful man in Manchester County, Virginia. Making certain he never circumvents the law, Townsend runs his affairs with unusual discipline. But when death takes him unexpectedly, his widow, Caldonia, can't uphold the estate's order and chaos ensues. In a daring and ambitious novel, Jones has woven a footnote of history into an epic that takes an unflinching look at slavery in all of its moral complexities. …More

Miracle at St. Anna Miracle at St. Anna
By McBride, James
2003-01 - Riverhead Books
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From the author of the bestseller "The Color of Water" comes a tale of courage and redemption inspired by the famed Buffalo soldiers of the 92nd Division, and a little known historic event in a small Tuscan village at the end of World War II. …More

Them Them
By McCall, Nathan
2008-08 - Washington Square Press
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The author of the bestselling memoir "Makes Me Wanna Holler" presents a profound debut novel that captures the dynamics of class and race in today's urban communities. …More

Emotions Emotions
By McCann, Timmothy B.
2002-04 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
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McCann delivers a truly satisfying novel revolving around Joi Weston, a beautiful TV star, and Philip Evans, the Florida businessman for whom she has given up her glamorous Hollywood career. …More

Fortunate Son Fortunate Son
By Mosley, Walter
2007-08 - Back Bay Books
9780316066280 Check our catalog

In this riveting story of modern-day resilience and redemption, the "New York Times" bestselling author crafts a work about two boys, one ensconced in a life of privilege and the other in a life of hardship. …More

Devil in a Blue Dress: Featuring an Original Easy Rawlins Short Story Devil in a Blue Dress: Featuring an Original Easy Rawlins Short Story "Crimson Stain"
By Mosley, Walter
2002-09 - Washington Square Press
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Mosley honors the tradition of the classic American detective novel by bestowing on it a vivid social canvas and the freshest new voice in crime writing in years, mixing the hard-boiled poetry of Raymond Chandler with the racial realism of Richard Wright to explosive effect. …More

Fearless Jones Fearless Jones
By Mosley, Walter
2001-06 - Little Brown and Company
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Mosley returns to mysteries at last with his most engaging hero since Easy Rawlins. When Paris Minton meets a beautiful new woman, before he knows it he has been beaten up, slept with, shot at, robbed, and his bookstore burned to the ground. He's in so much trouble he has no choice but to get his friend, Fearless Jones, out of jail to help him. …More

For the Love of Money For the Love of Money
By Tyree, Omar
2001-08 - Simon & Schuster
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Tracy Ellison, the memorable heroine of "Flyy Girl, " returns in this fast-paced novel about success and celebrity by the bestselling author who "leads the pack of a new generation of African-American male writers" (E. Lynn Harris). …More

The Preacher's Son The Preacher's Son
By Weber, Carl
2005-12 - Dafina Books
9780758207166 Check our catalog

The critically acclaimed, #1 "Essence" bestselling author of "Player Haters" serves up his most powerful novel to date: a revelatory chronicle of an esteemed church family that has a whole lot of repenting to do. …More

Apex Hides the Hurt Apex Hides the Hurt
By Whitehead, Colson
2007-01 - Anchor Books
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From the MacArthur and Whiting Award-winning author of "John Henry Days" and "The Intuitionist" comes a new, brisk, comic tour de force about identity, history, and the adhesive bandage industry--in a brilliant and wry satire of contemporary culture. …More

Philadelphia Fire Philadelphia Fire
By Wideman, John Edgar
2005-01 - Mariner Books
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From "one of America's premier writers of fiction" (New York Times) comes this novel inspired by the 1985 police bombing of a West Philadelphia row house owned by the back-to-nature, Afrocentric cult known as Move. The bombing killed eleven people and started a fire that destroyed sixty other houses. At the center of the story is Cudjoe, a writer and exile who returns to his old neighborhood after spending a decade fleeing from his past, and his search for the lone survivor of the fire -- a young boy who was seen running from the flames.. …More

Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned
By Mosley, Walter
1998-10 - Washington Square Press
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Meet Socrates Fortlow, a tough ex-con seeking truth and redemption in South Central Los Angeles. "New York Times" bestselling author Walter Mosley presents his most compelling character since Easy Rawlins in "Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned"--soon to be an HBO movie starring Laurence Fishburne. …More