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Criminal Minded Criminal Minded
By Brown, Tracy
2005-06 - St. Martin's Griffin
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Brown tells the tale of the rise and fall of two young men determined to conquer the world, and the story of the women who loved them too much. …More

A Gangster's Girl A Gangster's Girl
By Chunichi
2007-06 - Urban Books
9781601620064 Check our catalog

Leaving the safety of her parents home, a very good girl enters a world of bad boys and fast money and hooks up with a sexy but dangerous man who could be the biggest mistake of her life. …More

Thugs and the Women Who Love Them Thugs and the Women Who Love Them
By Clark, Wahida
2005-12 - Dafina Books
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Clark takes readers through the stories of three ambitious, educated women who aspire to escape the ghetto and follow their hopes and dreams. None of the friends can resist their attraction to their thug boyfriends, which threatens to hold them back from their dreams. …More

Chyna Black: Triple Crown Publications Presents Chyna Black: Triple Crown Publications Presents
By Ervin, Keisha
2004-12 - Triple Crown Publications
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There was a time when I didn't care about anybody, not even myself. Oh, and who am I? I'm Chyna, Chyna Danea Black to be more exact.

I'm here to tell you my story, but for you to fully understand me, you have to understand my past. You see, I'm every black girl growing up in the hood, and like most, I got caught up in the life. Some things I didn't see coming. Other things were …More

Feenin' Feenin'
By Hall, Sereniti
2010-12 - Wahida Clark Presents
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Tanisha Hopkins a.k.a. Tiny dreams of living the glamorous life by any means necessary. A bona fide, certified, authentic material girl in every sense of the description, Tiny is Feenin to live life fast and furious and has found the perfect man to make all her dreams a reality. But everything that glitters isn't always gold. Meeting her match, Roscoe proves to be a disaster in the making. A …More

Never Go Home Again Never Go Home Again
By Holmes, Shannon
2004-08 - Atria Books
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This coming-of-age story offers a fascinating firsthand account of the unforgiving inner-city streets and prison life, as well as a difficult lesson in accepting responsibility and moving on. …More

Doom Fox Doom Fox
By Slim, Iceberg
Introduction by Ice-T
1998-09 - Grove Press
9780802135889 Check our catalog

Propelled by the story of Joe "Kong" Allen and his gorgeous, treacherous wife, Doom Fox is the last in Iceberg Slim's legendary series of underground novels. Written in 1978 and unpublished until now, Doom Fox is a tale of the Los Angeles ghetto that begins just after World War II and spans the next thirty years. In the no-holds-barred tradition of Chester Himes, Doom Fox captures a violent, vivid …More

Ride or Die Ride or Die
By Jones, Solomon
2004-08 - Minotaur Books
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From the critically acclaimed author of "The Bridge" comes a gritty, suspenseful Romeo and Juliet tale set in the 'hood. …More

Mo' Dirty: Still Stuntin' Mo' Dirty: Still Stuntin'
By King, Darrell
2008-08 - Urban Books
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From the author of "How Do You Want It?" comes an action-packed, gritty novelcentered around Peter Whiskey Battle, the enforcer for a Georgia street gang. …More

Eviction Notice Eviction Notice
By K'wan
2011-09 - Griffin
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Street Literature Book Award Medal (Slbam) (2012)

From #1 Essence bestselling author, K'wan, comes the next installment in his bestselling Hood Rat series

Porsha: the ghetto princess. Boots: the scandalous baby mama. Frankie aka Francine: the con artist. These three girls live in one apartment and are into all kinds of hood foolishness while having fun. Until one day they find an eviction notice taped to their door. Now they have seventy-two …More

Desperate Hoodwives: An Urban Tale Desperate Hoodwives: An Urban Tale
By Mink, Meesha
Author Diamond, De'nesha
2008-01 - Touchstone Books
9781416537526 Check our catalog

The first in a drama-drenched new series of street lit novels set in the Atlanta housing projects chronicles four young women desperately trying to get out of the hood. …More

The Apostles The Apostles
By Moore, Yanier Blak
2004-09 - One World/Strivers Row
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The Apostles run Chicago's streets. Their leader, "Solemn Shawn" Terson, is the most revered-and feared-man in town. Because of his past exploits, the Apostles have a loyalty among its members that has reached mythic proportions.
When Insane Wayne, a former member of the rival gang, the Governors, comes groveling for admission to the coveted Apostles, he's quickly turned down. His reaction is …More

Gorilla Black Gorilla Black
By Seven
2008-05 - One World
9780345500526 Check our catalog

The first in the Nikki Turner Presents line of hard-hitting street-lit novelswith heart and soul. …More

T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E. T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E.
By Shakur, Sanyika
2008-08 - Grove Press
9780802118714 Check our catalog

The follow-up to his bestselling memoir "Monster," Shakur's vicious, heart-wrenching, and true-to-life novel is a powerful and gripping exploration of the terror of gang life and one man's attempt to free himself. …More

Street Soldier Street Soldier
By Silhouettes
2011-06 - Urban Books
9781601624529 Check our catalog

This debut novel from a powerful new voice in urban lit follows the wild trials and tribulations of a reckless teenager whose world is spinning out of control. …More

The Coldest Winter Ever The Coldest Winter Ever
By Styles, T.
2004-11 - Atria Books
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Street Literature Book Award Medal (Slbam) (2000)

Now available in a trade paperback edition, Sister Souljah's debut novel about the daughter of a drug lord captures the allure and the danger of Brooklyn's streets. …More

Miss Wayne & the Queens of DC Miss Wayne & the Queens of DC
By Styles, T.
2010-06 - Cartel Publications
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Miss Wayne from the Essence Best Selling novel Black and Ugly and Black & Ugly as Ever returns in this standalone spin-off When Miss Daffany s mothers risky lifestyle finally catches up with her, they all come back from LA, to Washington DC for her funeral. Once in town, Miss Wayne hooks up with his fabulous male friends and decides he misses home. Both Parade and Daffany fear he might want to …More

Wifey Wifey
By Swinson, Kiki
2008-10 - Dafina Books
9780758229014 Check our catalog

An "Essence"-bestselling author offers a scandalous street-lit tale and shows that no one else stands a chance when a wifey runs the hustle. …More

Flyy Girl Flyy Girl
By Tyree, Omar
1997-11 - Simon & Schuster
9780684835662 Check our catalog

Perfectly capturing the voice and the feelings of a middle-class black teenager in urban America, "Flyy Girl" follows the escapades of Tracy Ellison, a spoiled, boy-crazy material girl strutting her stuff on the streets of Philadelphia during the ostentatious 1980s. …More

Heartbreak of a Hustler's Wife Heartbreak of a Hustler's Wife
By Turner, Nikki
2011-01 - One World Trade Paperbacks
9780345526403 Check our catalog

Yarni Taylor wants nothing more than for her husband, Des, to commit to his life as a pastor--especially after someone tries to kill him. Before he or Yarni can regain their footing, a young woman shows up on their doorstep--Desember Day, the 18-year-old daughter Des never knew he had. With their lives on the line, Yarni must sacrifice everything to save her husband and her family. …More

Flip Side of the Game Flip Side of the Game 
By Tu-Shonda Whitaker
2011-01 - One World Trade Paperbacks
9780345526403 Check our catalog

Look out...cause here she comes! Stepping to the forefront, award-winning author, Tu-Shonda Whitaker, proudly presents Miz Thing herself, "Vera Wright-Turner!" "Don't hate the playah, hate the game!" is the anthem of this gold diggin' queen. Miz Thing is funny, passionate, and shoots it straight from the soul, as she welcomes you into her life of trails, tribulations, and triumphs of love. After all, when she first greeted the scene, she was a newborn found in a plastic bag, crying in a trash dump, addicted to crack with a note that read: "Please forgive me, my mother's only fif …More

Dirty to the Grave Dirty to the Grave
By Williams, Karen
2010-04 - Urban Books
9781601622693 Check our catalog

From the acclaimed author of "Harlem on Lock" and "The People vs. Cashmere" comes a shocking, dark-street tale about a desperate woman who crosses her closet friends to get what she wants. …More

Dutch Dutch
By Woods, Teri
2009-09 - Grand Central Publishing
9780446551533 Check our catalog

Dutch and his dangerous clique take over the lucrative heroin business of a local drug lord. District Attorney Anthony Jacobs is confident that his witnesses will testify against Dutch and his crew. But a sudden turn of events will soon make the DA's job harder than he imagined. …More