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In psychological suspense, authors generally uses a crime as a pretext for opportunities to look into personality and sociology, with twisted plots and layered stories.

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The Architect
By Ablow, Keith Russell
2005/07 - St. Martin's Press
9780312323929 Find It

Ablow, one of the country's leading forensic psychologists, writes a thriller about an architect who insists on designing the lives of his clients as well as their homes. ...More

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By Abu-Jaber, Diana
2007/06 - W. W. Norton & Company
9780393064551 Find It

A fingerprint expert's investigation of a series of crib deaths leads her back to the mystery of her own childhood.

Lena is a fingerprint expert at a crime lab in the small city of Syracuse, New York, where winters are cold and deep. Suddenly, a series of crib deaths--indistinguishable from SIDS except for the fevered testimony of one distraught mother with connections in high places--draws the attention of the police and the national media and raises the possibility of the inconceivable: could there be a serial infant murderer on the loose?

Orphaned as a child, out of place as an adult, gifted with delicate and terrifying powers of intuition, Lena finds herself playing a critical role in the case. But then there is the mystery of her own childhood to solve....Could the improbable deaths of a half-dozen babies be somehow connected ...More

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By Abrahams, Peter
2008/04 - William Morrow & Company
9780061137990 Find It

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Twenty years ago, Nell Jarreau witnessed the murder of her boyfriend. Her testimony put a man behind bars, and led her to her husband, Clay, the gentle detective who solved the case. They've been happy since, until one phone call changes everything.

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Virgin Lies
By Anscombe, Roderick
2007/03 - St. Martin's Press
9780312365677 Find It

From the author of "The Interview Room" comes a suspenseful, intriguing thriller, informed by years of Anscombe's real-life interrogations. Intense and bone-chilling.--"Tucson Citizen." Martin's Press. ...More

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Master of the Delta
By Cook, Thomas H.
2008/06 - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)
9780151012541 Find It

While conducting a class on historical evil, Jack is shocked to discover that his unassuming student Eddie is the son of a notorious local murderer. When Eddie's investigation into his past leads him to Jack's own father, Jack finds himself questioning Eddie's motives--and his own. ...More

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The Bodies Left Behind
By Deaver, Jeffery
2008/11 - Simon & Schuster
9781416595618 Find It

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An original cast of characters and ticking-bomb suspense highlight this thriller that is both a virtual cat-and-mouse chase in real-time and a harrowing look at the consequences of heartless evil.

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Until It's Over
By French, Nicci
2009/03 - St. Martin's Minotaur
9780312375393 Find It

A murder case pushes six roommates to their breaking point, in this chilling and erotic new thriller. ...More

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Borrowed Time
By Goddard, Robert
2006/01 - Delta
9780385339223 Find It

It is a golden evening of high summer. Walking a ridge on the Welsh Borders, Robin Timariot meets by chance an elegant middle-aged woman who seems strangely out of place. They exchange only a few words, but those words prove to be unforgettable. A few days later Timariot learns from the newpapers that, just hours after their meeting, the woman was raped and murdered.

A man is swiftly charged and convicted of the crime, but a string of inexplicable events begins to convince Timariot that all is not what it seems. Fascinated by the dead woman's memory, he is sucked into the complex motives and tortured relationships of her family and friends, searching against his better judgemnt for the secret of what really happened the day she died.
The closer he gets to the truth, the more hideous and uncertain it seems to be.

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True Detectives
By Kellerman, Jonathan
2009/03 - Ballantine Books
9780345495143 Find It

"True Detectives" follows Moe Reed and Aaron Fox on the twisted trail of a missing girl. This dark, baffling whodunit forces the brothers to put aside their mutual animus and to confront the unresolved family mystery that turned them into enemies. ...More

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The Water's Lovely
By Rendell, Ruth
2007/07 - Crown Publishing Group (NY)
9780307381361 Find It

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From the award-winning author of The Babes in the Wood and The Rottweiler comes another terrifically paced, richly drawn novel of suspense and psychological intrigue.

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By Robotham, Michael
2009/03 - Doubleday Books
9780385517911 Find It

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When Joe fails to persuade a suicidal woman not to leap from a bridge to her death, he becomes obsessed with understanding the woman's motives. The woman's grief-stricken teenage daughter tracks down Joe, but the police don't take notice until another woman ends up dead under suspicious circumstances.

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Black Out
By Unger, Lisa
2008/05 - Shaye Areheart Books
9780307338488 Find It

This is a stunning, mind-bending shocker with moments of sheer terror--one of the best thrillers I've read this year!--Tess Gerritsen, author of "The Bone Garden." ...More

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The Devil's Feather
By Walters, Minette
2006/08 - Alfred A. Knopf
9780307264626 Find It

When five woman are brutally murdered in Sierra Leone, Reuters correspondent Connie Burns suspects a British mercenary who seems to be using the chaos of war to act out sadistic, misogynist fantasies. Connie's suspicions fall on deaf ears, but she's determined to expose the man and his secret. The consequences are devastating. She meets him again in Baghdad but is taken hostage shortly afterward. Terrified and traumatized by the experience, Connie escapes to England, determined to protect herself by withholding information abouther abduction. In a remote rented house- where the dark, hidden history ofher landlady's family seems to mirror her own fears- she waits, knowing it's only a matter of time before her nightmares become real... With it's sinuous plot, it's vividly ...More

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Dead Time
By White, Stephen
2008/03 - Dutton Books
9780525950066 Find It

Stephen White continues with the next installment in his ever-popular Alan Gregory series, pitting Alan against new demons and obstacles. With a newly adopted son and a shaky but generally improving marriage, it is only a matter of time before scandal rears its ugly head once again in the good doctors life. ...More


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