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Summer in Tuscany Summer in Tuscany
By Adler, Elizabeth
2009-04 - Griffin
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She needed a life...
Gemma Jericho is an overworked New York doctor with a handful of a teenaged daughter and a mother who worries that Gemma has no life. So when her mother receives a mysterious letter telling her about an even more mysterious inheritance in Tuscany, Gemma sees her chance: the three of them throw caution and convention to the wind and leave for Italy. Gemma hopes that a …More

The Wedding Officer The Wedding Officer
By Capella, Anthony
2008-05 - Bantam Books
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In the sumptuous tradition of "Chocolat" and "Captain Corelli's Mandolin," and already optioned for a major motion picture, "The Wedding Officer" is a magical tale of romantic passion and culinary delight set in the intoxicating Italian countryside. …More

A Kiss from Maddalena A Kiss from Maddalena
By Castellani, Christopher
2003-04 - Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill
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Massachusetts Book Award (MassBook) (2004)

A MASS Book Award winner
In the spirit of Corelli's Mandolin and Chocolat, A Kiss from Maddalena is a captivating novel that celebrates the beauty of life and the passions of youth. …More

The Four Seasons: A Novel of Vivaldi's Venice The Four Seasons: A Novel of Vivaldi's Venice
By Corona, Laurel
2008-11 - Hyperion Books
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San Diego Book Awards (2009)

In glittering 18th-century Venice, music and love are prized above all else--and for two sisters coming of age, the city's passions blend in intoxicating ways. …More

The Last Promise The Last Promise
By Richard Paul Evans
2002-11 - Dutton
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The bestselling author of "The Christmas Box" spins a passionate, bittersweet tale set in Italy about the fantastic joy and great sorrow life can throw our way. Rich and complex as a vintage Chianti wine, "The Last Promise" is in the end an uplifting, all-too-human tale about the magnificent power of true love. …More

Italian Fever Italian Fever
By Valerie Martin
1999-07 - Alfred A. Knopf
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A SECLUDED TUSCAN VILLA, a mysterious death, a missing manuscript, a whiff of a ghost, and a smart young American woman tumbling helplessly into an unexpected affair -- these are the ingredients of this beguiling and acutely observed new novel by the author of Mary Reilly.

Lucy Stark -- clever, pragmatic, capable -- is the assistant to a best-selling but remarkably untalented writer named…More


Sea of Lost Love Sea of Lost Love
By Montefiore, Santa
2008-05 - Touchstone Books
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The author of "The Last Voyage of the Valentina" returns with the gripping story of a young woman who must face the shocking truths of her family's past, in order to save their ancestral home. …More

Italian Lessons Italian Lessons
By Pezzelli, Peter
2007-10 - Kensington Publishing Corporation
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The author of "Home to Italy" offers a story of two men who visit the old country, where forgotton secrets may hold the key to a new lease on life. …More

Breathing Room Breathing Room
By Phillips, Susan Elizabeth
2002-07 - William Morrow & Company
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Dr. Isabel Favor needs a little breathing room. She's just lost her fianc, her accountant has absconded with her money, and her self-help empire is crumbling. Fleeing to Italy where she hopes to find a little peace, she discovers that the biggest disaster yet lies just ahead--in the form of actor Lorenzo Gage. Before they know it, wine will flow, sparks will fly, and hearts will meld. …More

By the Grand Canal By the Grand Canal
By Riviere, William
2005-02 - Grove Press
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In the immediate aftermath of World War I, Hugh Thurne, a British diplomat involved in the peace negotiations, decides to flee to his second home in Venice rather than return to his wife and the charade of his marriage in London. Although profoundly disturbed about the long-term prospects for peace, he has faith in the city's power to raise his spirits. Hugh eagerly looks forward to visits …More

The Villa The Villa
By Roberts, Nora
2014-07 - Berkley Publishing Group
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Set in the lush vineyards of the Napa Valley, "The Villa" is where family and business collide and deadly secrets threaten to destroy a proud heritage and an unexpected love. Tereza, the matriarch of the Giambelli family, has announced a merger with the MacMillan family's winery--a move which throws together Sophia Giambelli with Tyler MacMillan. Sophia is torn between a powerful …More

Hill Towns Hill Towns
By Siddons, Anne Rivers
0001-01 - Smithmark Publishers
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Siddons' phenomenal national bestseller is a rare story of depth and deliverance. Spending two months on the New York Times bestseller list, Hill Towns explores the structure of marriage as a middle-aged wife and her English professor husband leave the safe haven of their Tennessee home and travel through Italy with friends. …More

The Miracles of Santo Fico The Miracles of Santo Fico
By Smith, D. L.
2007-09 - Grand Central Publishing
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A magical story of love...and miracles After twenty years, Leo Pizzola has come back to the Tuscan village of Santo Fico, still single and still looking for a way to get rich. The town is as poor as it was when Leo left, yet some things have changed. Of Leo's childhood companions, only little Guido, whom everyone calls Topo, embraces him. His best friend is long dead. The woman he once adored …More

When in Rome... When in Rome...
By Townley, Gemma
2004-02 - Ballantine Books
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When in Rome, do as Audrey Hepburn would do. Failing that, run off with your ex-boyfriend, carry suspicious packages through customs, and lie to the person who loves you. . . .
Georgie Beauchamp is totally happy and in love with her wonderful, dependable boyfriend, David. So why does she always daydream about running into her gorgeous ex-boyfriend Mike? It can't mean she's …More

Brava, Valentine Brava, Valentine
By Trigiani, Adriana
2010-11 - Harper Paperbacks
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"Brava, Valentine" is the much anticipated, dazzling sequel to the author's "New York Times" bestseller, "Very Valentine." Here, the story of Valentine Roncalli soars to breathtaking new heights as she evolves from apprentice to determined artist. …More