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Just Say Yes Just Say Yes
By Ashley, Phillipa
2012-06 - Sourcebooks Landmark
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Lucy Gibson barely knows Nick Laurentis-aside from in the biblical sense-when he proposes in front of 10 million people after winning a British reality TV competition. An overwhelmed Lucy declines, and media hell ensues. Lucy's closet friend, Fiona, spirits her off to a cabin she owns in a seaside town outside London where Lucy meets Josh Standring, who owns the nearby cabins.

Flawless. Tilly Bagshawe Flawless.
By Bagshawe, Tilly
2010-03 - Orion
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In the glitteringly ruthless diamond business, Scarlett Drummond Murray is a force to be reckoned with. As stunningly beautiful as the diamonds she works with, Scarlett is determined to make her mark on the industry with her fabulous jewellery creations. But to do so she must battle through a world that is steeped in greed and corruption.

Vanity Fare: A Novel of Lattes, Literature, and Love Vanity Fare: A Novel of Lattes, Literature, and Love
By Caldwell, Megan
2012-12 - William Morrow & Company
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A charming novel about a 40-year-old Brooklyn mother, recently divorced, who starts writing copy for a bakery, discovers a knack for food-related literary puns, and becomes entangled in a love triangle.


Happily Ever After Happily Ever After
By Evans, Harriet
2012-06 - Gallery Books
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A poignant, romantic, and delightful new novel about a young literary woman who refuses to believe happy endings are real, from internationally bestselling author Evans. …More

Imperfect Bliss

Imperfect Bliss
By Fales-Hill, Susan
2013-08 - Washington Square Press
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Meet the Harcourts of Chevy Chase, Maryland. A respectable middle-class, middle-age, mixed-race couple, Harold and Forsythia have four eminently marriageable daughters-or so their mother believes. Forsythia named her girls after Windsor royals in the hopes that one day each would find her true prince

Love Letters

Love Letters
By Fforde, Katie
2009-07 - Century
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With the bookshop where she works about to close, Laura Horsley finds herself agreeing to help organize a literary festival deep in the heart of the English countryside. But when an innocent mistake leads the festival committee to believe that Laura is a personal friend of the author at the top of their wish-list, she finds herself travelling to Ireland to persuade the notorious recluse (and her literary hero) to come out of hiding.

Marrying Up: A Right Royal Romantic Comedy Marrying Up: A Right Royal Romantic Comedy
By Holden, Wendy
2012-08 - Sourcebooks Landmark
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Three young women circle a royal marriage in this chick-lit confection. Polly is studying buried ancient Roman toilets at an English country estate when she meets Max, a charming veterinary student, and Alexa MacDonald was a schoolmate of Polly's but prefers the royal company of Lady Florence Trevorigus-Whyske-Cleethorpe, who is only ever sober enough to feel hung over.

The Making of Us The Making of Us
By Jewell, Lisa
2012-08 - Atria Books
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Lydia, Dean and Robyn don’t know one another. Yet. Each is facing difficult challenges. Lydia is still wearing the scars from her traumatic childhood. Wealthy and successful, she leads a lonely and disjointed existence. Dean is a young, unemployed, single dad whose life is going nowhere. Robyn is eighteen. Gorgeous, popular and intelligent, she entered her first year of college confident

The House on Willow Street The House on Willow Street
By Kelly, Cathy
2013-01 - Gallery Books
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Tess used to be happy with her lot: she lives in the idyllic Irish coastal village, Avalon, with her teenage son, Zach and nine-year-old Kitty, and works in the local antiques shop.


Wedding Night Wedding Night
By Kinsella, Sophie
2013-04 - Dial Press
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Lottie just knows that her boyfriend is going to propose during lunch at one of London's fanciest restaurants. But when the big question involves a trip abroad, not a trip down the aisle, she's completely crushed. When Ben, an old flame, calls her and reminds Lottie of their pact to get married if they were both still single at 30, she jumps at the chance.


A Walk in the Park A Walk in the Park
By Mansell, Jill
2012-11 - Sourcebooks Landmark
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It's been a while, but Lara Carson's back in Bath and lives are set to change as a result. Because Lara left her family and boyfriend Flynn eighteen years ago without a word to anyone. Why has no one heard from her since? Her childhood best friend Evie is thrilled Lara's back and able to share her happiness. Evie's about to walk down the aisle with her dream man, Joel. Or so she thinks. …More

Knit One Pearl One: A Beach Street Knitting Society Novel Knit One Pearl One: A Beach Street Knitting Society Novel
By McNeil, Gil
2011-12 - Hyperion Books
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In this follow-up to Needles and Pearls, McNeil returns to Jo Mackenzie's lively knitting store in Broadgate, England. Now a mother to three children (Archie, Jack, and toddler Pearl) with different fathers, Jo is pursuing a romancewith a local carpenter, Martin, but also carrying secrets: local superstar Grace is pregnant and Jo isn't sure about her feelings for Martin.

You're (Not) the One You're (Not) the One
By Potter, Alexandra
2011-11 - Plume Books
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Venice, one of the world's most romantic cities, lives by the legend of the bridge of sighs: When a woman kisses the man of her dreams under the bridge at sunset, she will be together with him forever. So 18-year-old Lucy seals her fate in the blush of first love with Nate. Ten years later, the couple is reunited, and Lucy is overjoyed--until the state of their union is misery. 384 pp. 35,000 print. …More

A Surrey State of Affairs A Surrey State of Affairs
By Radford, Ceri
2012-03 - Pamela Dorman Books
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Constance Harding's comfortable corner of Surrey is her own little piece of heaven. She lives in a chocolate box house complete with an Aga and a parrot, her bell-ringing club is set to dominate the intercounty tournament, and she is sure she can get her son, Rupert, to settle down if she just writes the perfect personal ad for him. Naturally, things turn disastrous rather quickly.  …More

The Pink Hotel The Pink Hotel
By Stothard, Anna
2013-04 - Picador USA
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A 17-year-old girl pieces together the mystery of her mother's life and deathin Venice Beach over one summer in this debut novel. …More

Afterwife Afterwife
By Williams, Polly
2012-12 - Berkley Publishing Group
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Rendered a ghost by an out-of-control bus, the devoted Sophie Brady watches over her heartbroken husband as he struggles with single fatherhood and bonds with family friend Jenny, who unearths revealing secrets about Sophie's life.