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Almost Peaceful
2007-08 - First Run Features
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Jewish tailor Albert & his wife Lea are reestablishing their business in 1946 Paris. Albert hires 6 people, more than he needs but all but one are Jews who somehow survived the occupation. Each has to reestablish his or her relationships & life among sometimes indifferent & hostile Parisians. …More

Angry Harvest


Angry Harvest
By Holland, Agnieszka
2006-09 - Image Entertainment
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 A rich Polish farmer hides a Jew from the Nazis and keeps her prisoner while nursing her to health. …More

Au Revoir Les Enfants


Au Revoir Les Enfants
By Malle, Louis
2006-05 - Criterion
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 Based on the director's life, this film chronicles Malle's experiences during the German occupation of France in World War II. …More

Black Book


Black Book
By Verhoeven, Paul
2007-09 - Sony Pictures
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 The story of a Jewish singer in Holland during WWII, as she joins the resistance against the Nazis. …More

Bon Voyage


Bon Voyage
By Neilson, James
2004 - Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment
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 Following the premiere of her latest picture Viviane finds herself with a dead man in her apartment. Frédéric is a writer who's been falsely accused of murder, thanks to Viviane. Viviane has fled Paris for Bordeaux with a cabinet minister, and once Frédéric escapes from prison, he is not far behind.


Das Boot
By Petersen, Wolfgang
2007-03 - Sony Pictures Home Ent
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This is the digitally-remastered authentic undersea saga inspired by the actual experiences of a World War II German photojournalist. In 1941, forty-three young German sailors boarded the U-96 seeking adventure, respect and heroism. …More


Closely Watched Trains
2001-09 - Image Entertainment
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Set during the Nazi occupation in WWII, a teenage railway trainee determined to lose his virginity, is driven to a suicide attempt and becomes a hero of the resistance. …More

Come and See


Come and See
By Klimov, Elem
2003-09 - Kino Video
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A teen-age boy and girl witness Nazi barbarity in 1943 Byelorussia. Directed by Elem Klimov. …More

The Conformist


The Conformist
By Bertolucci, Bernardo
2006-12 - Paramount
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 A weak-willed Italian man becomes a fascist flunky who goes to Paris to arrange the assassination of his old teacher, now a political dissident. …More

The Counterfeiters


The Counterfeiters
By Ruzowitzky, Stefan
2008-08 - Sony Pictures
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 Facing an ethical quandary, Jewish master forger Salomon Sorowitsch must choose between abetting the Nazis and saving his skin in this taut Oscar-nominated drama based on a true story. Assembled at a death camp, a cadre of printers, artists and chiselers -- led by the opportunistic Sorowitsch -- is tasked with counterfeiting currencies to weaken Allied economies. …More

Divided We Fall


Divided We Fall
By Hrebejk, Jan
2001-11 - Sony
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During the dark days of World War II, a Czechoslovakian couple grudgingly agrees to shelter a Jewish escapee from a concentration camp in their tiny apartment. …More


Europa Europa
By Holland, Agnieszka
2007-07 - Tcfhe/MGM
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 A Polish-Jewish teen-ager boldly poses as an Aryan to escape the Holocaust. Directed by Agnieszka Holland. …More



2006-05 - Velocity / ThinkFilm
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A teenage Jewish boy from Budapest finds himself in turmoil as Hitler's Final Solution becomes policy throughout Europe. Taken from his family and sent to a concentration camp, his existence becomes a surreal adventure in adversity in order to survive. …More

The Fifth Rider is Fear

The Fifth Rider is Fear
2006 - Facets Video
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An aging Jewish doctor is forbidden to practice medicine in Prague during the Nazi occupation. He is employed in a warehouse as a clerk, cataloguing confiscated Jewish property. When a partisan is wounded, the doctor reluctantly agrees to treat him. The doctor hides him in his run-down apartment buiding as he sneaks through the black-market underworld of Prague in search of morphine to ease the man's pain, ever fearful of informant neighbors and vigilant authorities.

Fires on the Plain


Fires on the Plain
By Ichikawa, Kon
2007-03 - Image Entertainment
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 A tubercular Japanese soldier walks among World War II horror. Directed by Kon Ichikawa. …More


Jacob the Liar
2001-12 - First Run Features
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Trapped in a Polish ghetto with thousands of Jews, Jacob overhears a radio report at Gestapo headquarters about a nearby Russian victory and shares the good news. Quickly he becomes a one-man bulwark against despair, but ultimately unable to see or change the fate of his people. …More



By Wajda, Andrzej
2003-11 - Facets Multimedia
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Polish partisans hide from the Nazis in the sewers of Warsaw. Directed by Andrzej Wadja. …More

The Last Metro
By Truffaut, Francois
2009-03 - Image Entertainment
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A Jewish stage director's wife runs the show in Nazi-occupied Paris. Directed by Francois Truffaut. …More

Letters From Iwo Jima


Letters From Iwo Jima
By Eastwood, Clint
2007-04 - Paramount Home Video
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As tens of thousands of Allied troops push further inland, the Japanese troops defending Iwo Jima during World War II prepare to meet their fate, a companion piece to hit film Flags of Our Fathers. …More


Life Is Beautiful
By Benigni, Roberto
2002-01 - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
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Guido Orefice used the power of his imagination and sense of humor to win the woman he loves and create a beautiful life for his family. When that life is threatened by Nazi invasion he must rely on this same strength to save his son and wife from certain doom. …More

Mr. Klein


Mr. Klein
By Losey, Joseph
2004-05 - Image Entertainment
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Aryan art dealer Mr. Klein is mistaken for a Jewish Mr. Klein in 1942 Paris. Directed by Joseph Losey. …More

The Ninth Day


The Ninth Day
2005-12 - Kino Video
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Noted German director Volker Schlondorff's (The Tin Drum) highly compelling The Ninth Day provides a unique examination of historical events that took place during the Holocaust.


The Shop on Main Street
By Kadar, Jan
2001-09 - Image Entertainment
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Set in World War II Czechoslovakia, an old Jewish woman loses her small button shop and depends on Tono who takes over the business to shield her from further persecution. …More



By Vilsmaier, Joseph
2007-06 - Uni Dist Corp (Music)
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German soldiers go from victory to survival mode as their army suffers its first major defeat of World War II. …More

Taking Sides


Taking Sides
2006-09 - New Yorker Films
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After Hitler took over power in 1933, many Jewish artists were forced to leave Germany. Wilhelm Furtwangler, arguably the most distinguished conductor of his generation, chose to stay serving as one of the Nazi’s foremost cultural assets. Based on a true story, this film demands the audience take a position on the issue …More