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The Comedians


The Best Arbuckle-Keaton Collection The Best Arbuckle-Keaton Collection
2002-10 - Image/Sphe
0014381185423 Find It

A rising star who rose from bit player to writer, director, and star of comedies for Mack Sennett's Keystone Film Company, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle recruited up-and-coming vaudeville comic Buster Keaton for a series of films from 1917 through 1919.


The Best of Charlie Chaplin The Best of Charlie Chaplin
2008-10 - Platinum Disc Corporation

One of the most recognizable faces in the history of cinema, his renowned acting, directing, composing, and writing career spanned more than fifty years. He was an Academy Award winning silent screen star. He left a legacy that modern artists and filmmakers still study today. A comprehensive collection that pays tribute to Hollywood's greatest star.

City Lights City Lights
2000-02 - Image Entertainment

A tramp wins the love of a blind flower girl and attempts to obtain money from a millionaire to help her regain her sight. …More

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The Gold Rush
1925 - Image Entertainment
BL02015DVD Find It

Charlie Chaplin's comic masterpiece centers on the hardships of life on the Alaskan frontier. The Little Tramp plays a pathetic, lonely prospector who journeys to the Klondike hoping to discover gold and make his fortune.

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Modern Times
1936 - Warner Home Video
9780790771687 Find It

In Chaplin's classic comedy of the Machine Age, a bolt tightener fails at everything but falling in love.


Tcm Archives: Buster Keaton Collection Buster Keaton Collection
2004-12 - Warner Home Video

normal;">Three films made by Buster Keaton for MGM. The cameraman and Spite marriage are silent films with musical scores. Free and easy is Keaton's first talkie.

Buster Keaton: Short Films Collection 1920-1923 Buster Keaton: Short Films Collection 1920-1923
2011-07 - Kino Video

A collection of Buster Keaton's 19 classic silent short comedy films.


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The General
1926 - Image Entertainment
BL02011DVD Find It

Rejected by the Confederate Army as unfit and taken for a coward by his beloved Annabelle, Johnnie Gray sets out to single-handedly win the war with his cherished locomotive. When Northern spies steal his train, the intrepid Confederate takes on the entire Union army to get it back.

Keaton B-Navigator/Boat/Love Nest The Navigator
1924 - Kino Video
0738329012427 Check our catalog

Brilliantly exemplifying Buster Keaton's ability to mine rich humor from the inanimate, "The Navigator is a classic of the Golden Age of Comedy. Keaton stars as Rollo Treadway, an inexperienced lad of extraordinary wealth, but little common sense. He finds himself adrift on "The Navigator," a 500-foot yacht, with no one but an equally naive girl. …More

Our Hospitality Our Hospitality
2011-03 - Kino Video
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A McKay meets a Canfield on an old train home, saves her life and ends their family feud. Silent. …More

Seven Chances Seven Chances
2011-10 - Kino Video
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The story of an eligible young bachelor who must marry by 7:00 p.m. in order to receive a $7 million inheritance. After bungling a proposal to his longtime sweetheart ... , Jimmie ... embarks on a desperate quest for a bride.


Steamboat Bill, JR. Steamboat Bill, JR.
1928 - Kino Video
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A college wimp tries to please his burly riverboat-captain father . Silent. …More



Harry Langdon: The Forgotten Clown
1926 - Kino Video
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Motion pictures originally produced between 1926 and 1927. Strong Man: After a tour of duty in WWI, a witless young Belgian comes to America and seeks out his dedicated pen pal, but his quest for Mary Brown leads him from mishap to comic disaster.



The Harold Lloyd Collection: Slapstick Symposium
2004 - Keno Video
738329036720 Find It

Lloyd sold more tickets than Chaplin and Keaton - and any other silent comedian in the 1920s. Includes 7 short films and 1 feature film covering the period between 1919-1922.

Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection
2005/11 - New Line Cinema Corporation
9780780652880 Find It

Having appeared in more than 200 films and widely considered to be one of cinema's most respected comic geniuses, Harold Lloyd was one of Hollywood’s 1st true movie stars.


The Actors


Don Juan Don Juan
1926 - Warner Brother Home Video
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Before movies talked, they clacked with swords, gonged with wedding bells and pulsed with perfectly matched orchestral accompaniment. The process that made it happen was Vitaphone, a sound-on-disk system that made its feature-film debut in this lavish 1926 classic. Starring in this swashbuckling tale of the world's most famed lover is the greatest actor of his day: John Barrymore




1927- Image Entertainment
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A flapper shopgirl woos her rich boss with animal magnetism, otherwise known as it. Silent.

Wings Wings
2012-01 - Paramount Home Video
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Two young men, one rich, one middle class, are in love with the same woman, but must leave her behind when they become fighter pilots in World War I.




The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1923 - Image Entertainment
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Grotesque bell ringer Quasimodo rescues Gypsy Esmeralda from a mob in medieval Paris. Silent.

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The Phantom of the Opera
1925 - Image Entertainment
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A mad, masked composer lures a Paris singer down to his realm. Silent, with some color; reissued 1930 with some sound.



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The Black Pirate
1926 - Kino Video
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A noble pirate walks the plank, rescues a princess and rides down a sail on his knife. Silent. ...More

Douglas Fairbanks: A Modern Musketeer


Douglas Fairbanks: A Modern Musketeer
1917- Infinity Resources, Inc
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A young man grows restless living in a small Kansas town, dreaming of the adventures of the Three Musketeer


Robin Hood
1922 - Kino Video
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Robin and his merry men roam Sherwood Forest, robbing from the rich. Silent. ...More

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The Thief of Bagdad
1924 - Kino Video
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This Arabian Nights fantasy-adventure was one of the great productions of the 1920s and remains hugely entertaining today. Douglas Fairbanks stars as carefree Ahmed the Thief. What he wants, he takes -- until he becomes smitten with a beautiful princess. ...More



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The Garbo Silents Collection
2005/09 - Warner Home Video
9781419809583 Find It

Flesh and the devil: Best friends love the same woman and resort to a duel.The mysterious lady: Garbo plays an alluring Russian spy who falls in love with her "target."


Sunrise Sunrise
2014-01 - Twentieth Century-Fox
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normal;">This story of betrayal and redemption earned Oscars at the first Academy Awards ceremony in 1929 for the most Unique And Artistic Picture, Best Actress and Best Cinematography. The love and loyalty of a farmer and his wife are put to the ultimate test in this classic silent film.



Bardelys the Magnificent

Bardelys the Magnificent
1926 - Infinity Resources, Inc
0617311674495 Find It

Rafael Sabatini's story of the swashbuckling era and of Bardeleys, the handsome courtier who could win any woman he set his mind to...and was not above boasting about it to all who would listen.

The Big Parade The Big Parade
2013-10 - HBO Home Video
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A small-town youth goes to France, loves a peasant and loses a leg in World War I. Silent. Directed by King Vidor. …More


Broken Blossoms
1919 - Kino Video
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A sensitive portrayal of a Chinese man who travels to England and meets a 15 year old street urchin who longs to escape her miserable existence. Scarred by the torment & neglect of her father, she collapses in the shop of the lonely yellow man. As he nurses her back to health, an unspoken romance blossoms.

Book Cover

1916 - Kino Video
0738329026721 Find It

A woman rocking a cradle links four tales of historical sin. Silent. Directed by D.W. Griffith. ...More

Orphans of the Storm
1921 - Kino Video
0738329026929 Find It

Two sisters are lost in the French Revolution, with a hold-the-guillotine finale. Silent. Directed by D.W. Griffith. ...More

Way Down East
1920 - Image Entertainment
0014381467727 Find It

A poignant melodrama about a poor country girl who is tricked into a fake marriage and has an illegitimate child who dies. After starting a new life, her past is exposed and she is evicted into a raging blizzard, pursued by the young man who secretly loves her.



Book Cover

Daddy Long Legs
1955 - Milestone Film and Video
ID5923MLSDVD Find It

The oldest and cutest of a group of rebellious orphans, July Abbott is provided with funds for her education and well-being by a mysterious benefactor whom she christens "Daddy-long-legs."

1926 - Image Entertainment
0014381595826 Find It

Hidden deep in the Southern swamps, the Grimes family operates a "baby farm" where unwanted or "lost" children are cruelly underfed and overworked. Mama Mollie, the oldest and protector of the other kids, escapes with her little "sparrows" through the alligator-infested swamps. ...More

Stella Maris
1918 - Image Entertainment
0014381593020 Find It

Stella Maris is a beautiful, crippled girl, who is cared for by a rich family. They shield her from the harsh realities of the world.



Blood & Sand Blood & Sand
1922 - Kino Video
0738329021429 Find It

Rudolph Valentino stars as a matador who falls into the clutches of a beautiful, insincere society woman. …More

Rudolph Valentino Collection


Rudolph Valentino Collection
2009-08 - E1
0025493334593 Find It

As one of the most iconic personalities of the silent film era, Rudolph Valentino achieved an unprecedented level of fame, due in part to his exotic good looks and a magnetic personality that leapt from the screen.

The Sheik
1921 - Image Entertainment
0014381137125 Find It

Originally released as a motion picture in 1921. Lady Diana Mayo is carried into the desert by an Arab chieftan, who takes one look at her and wants her, right then and there.


Foreign Films



The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog
1927 - Tcfhe/MGM
0883904133650 Find It

A London mob blames an innocent man for Tuesday night killings. Silent. …More



An Italian Straw Hat


An Italian Straw Hat
1944 - Infinity Resources, Inc
0617311675096 Find It

A Frenchman puts off his wedding to look for a lady's hat. Silent. Directed by Rene Clair.


1919 - Lobster Films
9781893967397 Find It

J'accuse is a World War I drama considered to be one of the most technically advanced films of the era and the first major pacifist film. It was referred to by Gance as "a human cry against the bellicose din of armies."

The Passion of Joan of Arc
1928 - Image Entertainment
0037429139820 Find It

Home Vision Cinema and The Criterion Collection are proud to present the home video premiere of Carl Dreyer's digitally-remastered cinematic triumph. ...More



Book Cover

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
1920 - Kino Video
0738329025427 Find It

A hypnotist in black exhibits a cabinet, which contains a pale man in black in a trance. Silent. ...More

Dr Mabuse the Gambler Dr Mabuse the Gambler
1922 - Image Entertainment
0014381941227 Find It


Dr. Mabuse--criminal genius, psychologist, hypnotist, counterfeiter, card shark, master of disguise, thief of state secrets and ruler of a sinister empire founded on selfishness, chicanery and murder--gained his first screen incarnation in this monumental film by Fritz Lang, one of cinema's greatest directors. …More

Faust Faust
1926 - Kino Video
0738329064921 Find It


Dr. Faust sells his soul to Mephistopheles in exchange for scientific knowledge and perfect happiness.

Haunted Castle

Haunted Castle
1921 - Kino Video
0738329062422 Find It


A hunting party is interrupted by the arrival of a notorious count, who is believed to have murdered his brother. The uninvited guest sets in motion an elaborate plot to resurrect the ghosts of the past and bring secrets of his brother's death to light.

The Last Laugh
1924 - Kino Video
0738329063320 Find It

The proud doorman of a grand hotel is demoted to washroom attendant. Silent. Directed by F.W. Murnau. ...More

Book Cover

1927 - Kino on Video
FL06050817 Find It

Perhaps the most famous and influential of all silent films, Metropolis has now been brought back in its full version with magnificent original score. Metropolis takes place in 2026 where the populace is divided between the workers underground and the rich who enjoy a futuristic city of splendor. ...More

1922 - Pro-Active Entertmnt
0090328904272 Find It

A real estate agent discovers ugly Count Orlock's unearthly secret. Silent. Directed by F.W. Murnau. ...More

Book Cover

Pandora's Box
1929 - Criterion
BL02940DVD000 Find It

A visually striking melodrama, G.W. Pabst's silent classic stars Louise Brooks in a mesmerizing performance as Lulu, a woman whose uninhibited sexuality leads to her downfall. After her wealthy lover, Dr. Schon, marries her, Lulu inadvertently shoots him during a struggle with a gun. ...More

Book Cover

Warning Shadows
1923 - Kino Video
0738329046521 Find It

Expressionist film in which a count is jealous of the attentions his wife pays to "the lover" and various other suitors. The situation comes to a head when a showman/mesmerist puts on a "shadow play" for them all, in which their emotion and passions are mirrored.




A Throw of Dice A Throw of Dice
1929 - Kino Video
0738329056728 Find It

Inspired by the gambling episode in the ancient Hindu epic the Mahabharata, this rare classic of silent cinema tells of two kings who share a passion for reckless gambling, and for the same woman. .




Book Cover

Battleship Potemkin
1925 - Kino Video
0738329055820 Find It

Cossacks massacre supporters of a 1905 Russian mutiny on the steps of Odessa harbor. Silent. ...More

Strike Strike
2011-08 - Kino Video
0738329075224 Check our catalog RUS

normal;">Mark the most outstanding cinematic debuts in the history of film. Triggered by the suicide of a worker unjustly accused of theft, a strike is called by the laborers of a Moscow factory. The managers, owner, and Czarist government dispatch infiltrators in an attempt to break the workers' unity. Unsuccessful, they hire the police and, in the film's most harrowing and powerful sequences, the unarmed strikers are slaughtered in a brutal confrontation.


Additional Silent Movies


1927 - Flicker Alley
9781893967519 Find It

Originally produced as a motion picture in 1927. The story of jazz-loving flapper Roxie Hart, put on trial for the murder of her lover, who hits the headlines with her courtroom theatrics.

Foolish Wives Foolish Wives
2003-06 - Kino Video
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A fake Russian count lusts for maids, nurses and a U.S. diplomat's wife in Monte Carlo. Silent. …More

Marriage circle The Marriage Circle 
2000 - Kino Video
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Story of marital infidelity and mix-ups.


The Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments
1956 - Paramount Home Video
9781415718636 Find It 

Moses leads an exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land, complete with parting of the Red Sea. …More

Animated Films


Winsor McCay Winsor McCay
1911 - Image Entertainment
0014381198225 Find It

Contains new digital transfers of the complete collection of the pioneering animator's existing films plus the documentary Remembering Winsor McCay by film historian John Canemaker as well as commentary by John Canemaker and a stills gallery from the Canemaker Collection.