The G.I. Jive: Movies about Ordinary Servicemen in WWII

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Air Force
2007-06 - Warner Home Video
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A B-17 Flying Fortress crew reaches Pearl Harbor too late, then goes on to the Philippines. Directed by Howard Hawks. …More


By Garnett, Tay
2006-02 - Warner Home Video
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Vastly outnumbered U.S. and Filipino soldiers make a last-ditch stand against the Japanese. Directed by Tay Garnett. …More


By Wellman, William, Jr.
2006-02 - Warner Home Video
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U.S. soldiers from all over fight in the Battle of the Bulge. Directed by William Wellman. …More


The Big Red One
2007-08 - Warner Home Video
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A World War II sergeant turns four raw recruits into 1st Infantry sharpshooters. Directed by Samuel Fuller. …More


Guadalcanal Diary
By Seiler, Lewis
2008-05 - Twentieth Century-Fox
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Battle-weary Marines hit the beach and dig in on a Japanese-held Pacific island during World War II. …More

Hell is for Heroes


Hell is for Heroes
By Siegel, Don
2009-05 - Paramount Home Video
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Exhausted GIs are ordered to hold part of the Siegfried line guarded by a pillbox. Directed by Don Siegel. …More

Immortal Battalion


Immortal Battalion
2003-07 - Timeless Media Group
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Intriguing World War II pseudo-documentary follows newly-recruited soldiers as they are molded from an ordinary group of carping civilians into a hardened battalion of fighting men.  …More

The Memphis Belle


The Memphis Belle
By Caton-Jones, Michael
2005-02 - Warner Home Video
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The brave young men of the B-17 flying fortress named the Memphis Belle have just one more mission--to fly over Nazi-occupied Europe and they will be on their way home to a hero's welcome. But this 25th mission will also be their most dangerous bombing target: Bremen. …More

Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan
By Spielberg, Steven
1999-11 - Dreamworks
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Eight soldiers risk their lives going behind enemy lines to save one man, whose three brothers have been killed in combat. …More


Wake Island
By Farrow, John
2004-05 - Universal Home Video
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Doomed Marines hold off a Japanese invasion for as long as they can, December 1941. Directed by John Farrow. …More

A Walk in the Sun

A Walk in the Sun
By Milestone, Lewis
2002-09 - Alpha Video
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This war melodrama tells the story of a platoon of American soldiers in Italy in 1943 striving to attain their objective: a farmhouse occupied by German soldiers. …More


When Trumpets Fade
By Irvin, John
2009-05 - HBO Home Video
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To advance on Germany, the Americans attempt to secure a bridge flanked by enemy tanks. But their repeated advances result in hundreds of deaths. In the midst of this madness, four renegade soldiers share one desperate stay alive. …More