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Arch of Triumph
2008-10 - Lions Gate Home Entertainment
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A refugee doctor saves a singer from the Seine and hunts a Nazi thug in Paris. Directed by Lewis Milestone. …More

Battle Cry
2006-02 - Warner Home Video
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Marines stop for romance in World War II New Zealand. Directed by Raoul Walsh. From the Leon Uris novel. …More

Bridge on the River Kwai Bridge on the River Kwai
2005-09 - Sony Pictures
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British WWII prisoners of war are forced by the Japanese to build a railway bridge in the ruthless Asian jungle, unaware that the allied forces plan to blow it up. …More



The Caine Mutiny
2010-05 - Sony Pictures Home Ent
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A World War II Navy officer is court-martialed for relieving paranoid Capt. Queeg in a typhoon. Directed by Edward Dmytryk. …More

Casablanca Casablanca
2004-02 - Warner Studios
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Set in World War II, a bitter nightclub owner helps his former lover and her Resistance-hero husband escape from the Nazis. Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman star in this romantic film that won the Academy Award for best picture in 1943. …More


Command Decision
2007-06 - Warner Home Video
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A U.S. general and his superior take heat for sending bombers to Germany to destroy aircraft plants. Directed by Sam Wood. …More

Cross of Iron
2006-04 - Hen's Tooth Video
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A German sergeant, a Prussian captain and a German colonel man the 1943 Russian front. Directed by Sam Peckinpah. …More


The Desert Fox
2009-05 - Twentieth Century-Fox
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Field Marshal Rommel leads his tanks and joins a doctor's plot to kill Hitler. Directed by Henry Hathaway. …More

Empire of the Sun Empire of the Sun
2001-11 - Warner Home Video
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The story of a small British boy in a World War II Japanese internment camp. …More

The Fighting Sullivans


The Fighting Sullivans

2005-11 - VCI Home Video
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The Iowa Sullivans raise five sons who join the Navy and are killed on the Juneau in World War II. …More

From Here to Eternity



From Here to Eternity
2001-10 - Sony Pictures
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Drama about life in the Army in the days prior to World War II. Shows the effect of Army discipline on an individualistic former boxing champion who defies the attempts of officers and men to break him when he refuses to fight on the company's boxing team. Includes actual scenes of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor …More

Heaven Knows Mr. Allison Heaven Knows Mr. Allison
2003-05 - Fox Home Entertainment
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A Marine sergeant and an Irish nun are stranded on an island overrun by Japanese troops, hiding out from the soldiers by day, and searching for food at night. …More


King Rat
2008-05 - Sony Pictures Home Ent
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A U.S. corporal runs a rat-meat black market in a Japanese prison camp. From the James Clavell novel. …More

2007-09 - Twentieth Century-Fox
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A chic writer, a stoker and others drift with the U-boat captain who has sunk their ship. …More

A Midnight Clear
A Midnight Clear
2004-12 - Sony Pictures Home Ent
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A small army intelligence platoon on a dangerous mission to the German front discovers a small band of frightened soldiers in a Nazi camp.

Paradise Road
2008-04 - Twentieth Century-Fox
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Based on a true story, a diverse group of women are held prisoner by the Japanese during World War II. These women unite to form a vocal orchestra, creating a symphony of human voices and the strength to survive under trying conditions. …More


Sink the Bismarck!
2008-05 - Twentieth Century-Fox
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A British captain and his Wren aide lead the 1941 pursuit of the sinister German battleship. …More

So Proudly We Hail


So Proudly We Hail
2007-05 - Universal
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True story of the lives of three war-front nurses and their heroism under fire during WWII. …More


They Were Expendable
2007-05 - Warner Home Video
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Heroic PT boat captains fight Japanese ships in the World War II Philippines. Directed by John Ford. …More


Three Came Home
2005-01 - Gaiam Americas
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A U.S. writer and her British husband endure a Japanese colonel's prison camp. Directed by Jean Negulesco. …More


The Tuskegee Airmen
2009-05 - HBO Home Video
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Grueling training and racist officers challenge African-American recruits in the Army Air Corps during World War II. …More



Twelve O'Clock High
2007-01 - Twentieth Century-Fox
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An Allied flight commander and his successor run daylight bombing raids out of England. Directed by Henry King. Best supporting Oscar for Jagger. …More

The Young Lions
2008-05 - Twentieth Century-Fox
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Two U.S. soldiers and a Nazi meet amid World War II inhumanity. Directed by Edward Dmytryk. From the Irwin Shaw novel. …More