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A Cat of One's Own A Cat of One's Own
By Adamson, Lydia
2000-01 - Signet Book
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When Amanda Avery decides to adopt a cat, she turns to her old friend Alice Nestleton -- who quickly matches her up with an unusual-looking feline named Jake, and kindly offers her assistance with the intricacies of litterbox behavior, finicky eating, and other basics of cat ownership. .... …More

Death of a Gossip Death of a Gossip
By Beaton, M. C.
1999-02 - Warner Books
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When society widow and gossip columnist Lady Jane Winters joins the fishing class, she wastes no time in ruffling the feathers--or was it fins?--of those around her. Among the victims of her sharp tongue and unladylike manner is Lochdubh Constable Hamish Macbeth. …More

Whisker of Evil Whisker of Evil
By Brown, Rita Mae
2004-03 - Bantam Books
9780553801613 Check our catalog


It's a summer full of turbulence for small-town Crozet, Virginia, with a movie star's homecoming, a spreading rabies epidemic, and the clues to an old murder unearthed. But what's unsettling for Harry is that the building of a new post office may depose her as postmistress. …More

Brute Strength Brute Strength
By Conant, Susan
2011-08 - Severn House Publishers
9780727880673 Check our catalog


The new 'Holly Winter' dog mystery - When Dog's Life columnist Holly Winter rejects applicants who want to adopt homeless dogs, she makes a lot of enemies. In dogs Holly trusts, and the dogs she trusts most are her beloved malamutes, Rowdy, Kimi and Sammy. …More

Trouble in the Town Hall Trouble in the Town Hall
By Dams, Jeanne M.
1998-02 - HarperTorch
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A lovely old building hides a nasty crime. . .A Shereby resident for a year now, American Dorothy Martin is still learning her way around the charming English cathedral town. But she recognizes a dead body when she sees one. As town debate rages over what to do about the decaying town hall, Dorothy is at that very site when the body of an unknown young man is found …More

Cat in a Golden Garland Cat in a Golden Garland
By Douglas, Carole Nelson
1998-12 - Forge
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When a New York ad agency's head honcho forgoes his traditional Santa suit for a company party and hires an actor instead, someone puts the substitute in permanent deep freeze. Meanwhile, Louie's rival in romance is still trying to turn him into kitty litter, and Mystifying Max the Magician isn't about to let the holidays pass without making a surprise proposal that leaves Temple breathless. …More

The Unscratchables The Unscratchables
By Kane, Cornelius
2009-07 - Scribner Book Company
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"Animal Farm" meets "The Simpsons" in this inventive twist on the hard-boileddetective novel, featuring a world made up exclusively of cats, dogs, and oneruthless fox. …More

The Body in the Belfry The Body in the Belfry
By Page, Katherine Hall
2000-05 - Thomas T. Beeler Publisher
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During her years spent in New York City. Faith Fairchild was convinced she had seen pretty much everything. But the transplanted caterer/minister's wife was unprepared for the surprises awaiting her in the sleepy Massachusetts village of Aleford. And she is especially taken aback by the dead body of a pretty young thing she discovers stashed in the church's belfry.…More

Bury the Lead Bury the Lead
By Rosenfelt, David
2005-04 - Warner Books
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Defense attorney Andy Carpenter--hero of Rosenfelt's Edgar-nominated "Open and Shut" and "First Degree"--returns to prove the innocence of a reporter accused of being a serial killer. …More