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Dark Eye Dark Eye
By Bernhardt, William
2006-01 - Fawcett Books
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From the mountain views beyond the Strip to the dingy dens of forbidden pleasure, Susan Pulaski loves Las Vegas. A woman who wears a gun at her side and her heart on a sleeve, Pulaski is the perfect fit for her city and her job: unraveling the minds of deviant personalities. Until a killer begins decorating Sin City with the horribly disfigured bodies of once beautiful young women. . . . and Pulaski's own demons go on a binge.  …More

Beautiful Children Beautiful Children
By Bock, Charles
2008-01 - Random House
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Capturing Las Vegas with unprecedented scope and nuance, this debut novel not only rushes toward a climax of heartache and redemption, but provides a deviously funny and unyielding portrait of a tragedy readers are sure to recognize as their own. …More

Goddess of Vengeance Goddess of Vengeance
By Collins, Jackie
2011-09 - St. Martin's Press
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Jackie Collins' fierce and wildly beautiful heroine Lucky Santangelo is back with a vengeance--in a novel full of power, passion, revenge, and the raging family dynamics of the Santangelo clan--and, as always, Lucky comes out on top. …More

Somewhat Saved Somewhat Saved
By G'Orge-Walker, Pat
2009-02 - Dafina Books
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In G'Orge-Walker's most soulful and sidesplitting send-up of church life yet, the hilarious cast of parishioners battle their worst vices along with the funny and serious sides of aging. …More

Luck of the Draw Luck of the Draw
By Garcia-Aguilera, Carolina
2004-06 - Rayo
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Esmeralda thinks it a joke when her mother informs her and her siblings Sapphire, Ruby, and Quartz that the family has a duty to bring La Estrella -- the casino the Navarro family owned in Havana before Castro took power -- back into existence.


The Burning Lake: A Volk Thriller The Burning Lake: A Volk Thriller
By Ghelfi, Brent
2011-05 - Poisoned Pen Press
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Another prominent journalist is found murdered in Putin's Russia, shot to death on the banks of the Techa River near the radioactive village of Metlino. Katarina Mironova, known around the world as Kato, could simply fade from the public eye, one more journalist killed during Putin's war on the free press, one more statistic in a grim tally. But to Russian agent Alexei Volkovoy, Kato's murder evokes far more emotion. …More

Nightwalker Nightwalker
By Graham, Heather
2010-01 - Mira Books
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One night, desperate for money to support her grandfather, Jessy Sparhawk places the bet that will change her life forever. Just as she's collecting her winnings, a man stumbles through the crowd, a knife protruding from his back, and crashes into her, pinning her to the table.…More

Snitch Snitch
By Gutteridge, Rene
2007-05 - Waterbrook Press
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Convinced that he's going to die of boredom, Las Vegas police sergeant Ron Yeager comes out of retirement to head an auto theft undercover team filled with inexperienced egos and eccentrics who couldn't sneak up on a statue. Will Yeager's force be transformed in time to stop a bigger crime than any of them expected? …More

Dirty Money Honey Dirty Money Honey
By Hilton, Erica
2011-09 - Melodrama Publishing
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Honey works as a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas. After planning she and some friends high-jack an armored truck in broad daylight. Who will take the fall for the caper?

The Burning The Burning
By Legendre, Thomas
2006-07 - Little Brown and Company
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In an engrossing novel about fate, luck, and obsession, a struggling academic from Philadelphia marries a beautifully dangerous Vegas blackjack dealer, and when his controversial theory about economics is put to the test, his entire life is put on the line. …More

Running Scared Running Scared
By Lowell, Elizabeth
2003-05 - Avon Books
9780061031083 Check our catalog

Rita Sheridan's boss, Shane Tannahill, owner of a Las Vegas gambling mecca, is addicted to gold. When an ancient Celtic piece is offered to Shane, Rita is wary of it. She should trust her feeling--for people are soon dying all around them. …More

Bride Needs Groom Bride Needs Groom
By Markham, Wendy
2005-10 - Warner Forever
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Rushing to marry so as not to be disinherited from her grandfather's will, Mia Calogera hops a plane bound for Vegas to wed a man she's met on the Internet. On the same flight is playboy Dominick Chickalini, and when Mia's plan goes awry, she makes Dom an offer that's hard to refuse. Original. …More

The Desert Rose The Desert Rose
By McMurtry, Larry
2002-02 - Simon & Schuster
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Pulitzer Prize-winner Larry McMurtry writes novels set in the American heartland, but his real territory is the heart itself. His gift for writing about women -- their love for reckless, hopeless men; their ability to see the good in losers; and their peculiar combination of emotional strength and sudden weakness -- makes "The Desert Rose" the bittersweet, funny, and touching book that it is.  …More

Vegas Rich Vegas Rich
By Michaels, Fern
2009-02 - Zebra Books
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Sallie Coleman follows her dreams from Texas to Las Vegas, where a twist of fate makes her the richest and most powerful businesswoman in Nevada. Spanning more than half a century, this story of Sallie and her family begins Michaels's powerful Vegas trilogy. …More

Illusion Illusion
By Peretti, Frank
2012-03 - Howard Books
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A stunning new thriller from the father of Christian fiction--a grieving husband encounters a teen identical to his dead wife . . . in face, name, and magical skills. This rich, rewarding book depicts a love story that transcends time, space, and what's meant by "death" and "life." …More

Illusion The Raiders
By Robbins, Harold
1995 - Simon & Schuster
0671872893 Check our catalog

Thirty-four years after penning one of the bestselling novels of all time, Robbins has written a sequel-and while he hasn't matched the potboiling heat of The Carpetbaggers here, this is still his most entertaining novel in years. It's now 1951, and Jonas Cord (read: Howard Hughes) has turned his father's company into an empire. He has remarried his ex-wife, recognized the daughter he once rejected and only regrets not having a son to whom he can leave his legacy. While visiting Las Vegas, Jonas buys a casino and incurs the wrath of the mob by shutting down the casino's money-laundering operation