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Dare Me Dare Me
By Abbott, Megan
2012-07 - Reagan Arthur Books
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The high school cheerleading squad has a new coach: Colette French, perfect in every way, a cool and commanding presence. When a suicide hits close to home, and the police investigation involves Coach and her squad, the girls are left wondering where their loyalties truly lieNand how far is too far to go for those in power. …More

Every Dead Thing Every Dead Thing
By Connolly, John
1999-05 - Simon & Schuster
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Bram Stoker Awards (1999), Shamus Award (2000)

Haunted by the unsolved slayings of his wife and daughter, former New York City Detective Charlie Parker is a man consumed by guilt, regret, and the desire for revenge. When his search for a missing woman leads him to the man who destroyed his family, Parker knows payback time has come at last. …More

Line of Vision Line of Vision
By Ellis, David
2002-02 - Berkley
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Investment banker Marty Kalish is in love with a married woman. When the woman's husband is murdered, Marty is a suspect. He was at the scene of the crime, he had a motive, and he manipulated the evidence to hide his guilt. Marty has even confessed. Yet what is Marty really confessing to? What really happened on the night of the murder? …More

Land of the Living Land of the Living
By French, Nicci
2004-05 - Warner Vision
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After Abbie Devereaux escapes a kidnapper, no one seems to believe her. Even worse, Abbie can't remember anything prior to her abduction. Determined to prove she was kidnapped, Abbie sets out to retrace her steps--and comes face-to-face with a very real psycho-killer. Only this time, she refuses to be his victim. …More

Broken Harbor Broken Harbor
By French, Tana
2012-07 - Viking Books
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Dilys Award (2013), L.A. Times Book Prize (2012)

With her signature blend of police procedural and psychological thriller, French's fourth book of the Dublin murder squad goes full throttle with a heinous crime, creating her most complicated detective character and her best book yet. …More

Catch Me Catch Me
By Gardner, Lisa
2013-01 - Large Print Press
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Police dispatcher Charlene Grant believes she is going to be murdered. She seeks out Boston Sgt. Det. D.D. Warren at a crime scene and asks the homicide detective to investigate. But as D.D. delves into the case, she starts to question the woman's story. Available in a tall Premium Edition. …More

Into the Darkest Corner Into the Darkest Corner
By Haynes, Elizabeth
2013-01 - Harper Paperbacks
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What begins as flattering attention and passionate sex transforms into raging jealousy, and Catherine soon discovers that Lee's dazzling blue eyes and good looks hide a dark nature. Increasingly isolated and driven into the darkest corner of her world, a desperate Catherine plans a meticulous escape. …More

The Talented Mr. Ripley The Talented Mr. Ripley
By Highsmith, Patricia
2008-10 - W. W. Norton & Company
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For the first time on audio is this chilling crime classic--also a major motion picture from Paramount, starring Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow. Tom Ripley is transformed from a petty perpetrator of fraud into a suave, agreeable, and total amoral crime artist who will stop at nothing--not even murder--to get what he desires. Unabridged. …More

Creep Creep
By Hillier, Jennifer
2011-07 - Gallery Books
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Hillier makes her fiction debut with a tale of psychological suspense about a professor with a history of sexual addiction threatened with blackmail and worse by an obsessed grad student. …More

Mystic River Mystic River
By Lehane, Dennis
2001-01 - William Morrow & Company
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Anthony Awards (2002), Dilys Award (2002), Macavity Award (2002), Massachusetts Book Award (MassBook) (2002)

A BookPage Notable Title
When Jimmy Marcus's daughter is found dead, his childhood friend Sean Devine is assigned the case. Sean's personal life begins to unravel as his investigation takes him back into a world of violence and pain he thought he'd left behind. His quest also leads him on a collision course with Marcus--a man with his own dark past--and David Boyle, a man who hides …More

Garnethill Garnethill
By Mina, Denise
2007-09 - Back Bay Books
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This gritty, award-winning debut novel is set in the grim precincts of Glasgows Garnethill. There the unlucky Maureen O'Donnell wakes up one morning to discover her therapist-boyfriend dead in the living room. She now finds herself the prime suspect in his murder. …More

The Expats The Expats
By Pavone, Chris
2012-07 - Thorndike Press
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When expat Kate begins to travel around Europe, she finds herself buried in layers of deceit so thick they threaten her family, her marriage, and her life. Intricate, riveting, and surprising, this thriller is of the highest caliber. …More

Still Missing Still Missing
By Stevens, Chevy
2010-07 - St. Martin's Press
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Thriller Awards (2011)

On the day she was abducted, Annie O'Sullivan, a thirty-two year old realtor, had three goals--sell a house, forget about a recent argument with her mother, and be on time for dinner with her ever- patient boyfriend. The open house is slow, but when her last visitor pulls up in a van as she's about to leave, Annie thinks it just might be her lucky day after all. Interwoven with the story of the…More


By Blood By Blood
By Ullman, Ellen
2012-02 - Farrar Straus Giroux
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Triangle Awards (2013)

An award-winning writer returns with a major, absorbing, atmospheric novel that takes on the most dramatic and profoundly personal subject matter--San Francisco in the 1970s. With ferocious intelligence and an enthralling, magnetic prose, Ullman weaves a dark and brilliant, intensely personal novel that feels as big and timeless as it is sharp and timely. …More

Die for You Die for You
By Unger, Lisa
2009-06 - Shaye Areheart Books
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Isabel, a novelist, and Marcus Raines, an inventor of high-tech games, enjoy a loving marriage. But after her husband disappears and the FBI reveals that Marcus Raines has been dead for many years, Isabel determines to find the truth about the man she thought she knew. …More

The Birthday Present The Birthday Present
By Vine, Barbara
2009-03 - Shaye Areheart Books
9780307451989 Check our catalog

Writing under the pen name Barbara Vine, the international bestselling author Ruth Rendell--the best mystery writer in the English-speaking world ("Time")--has created an unrelentingly riveting novel of mystery and suspense. …More

The Sculptress The Sculptress
By Walters, Minette
2007-10 - Picador USA
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Everyone knows about Olive Martin, the huge, menacing woman who carved up her mother and sister so completely that she was nicknamed "The Sculptress". But when journalist Roz Leigh interviews Olive in prison, she finds that Olive isn't what she expected . . . and that Olive may be hiding something--perhaps even her own innocence. Coincides with Walters' new hardcover, The Scold's Bridle. …More

Before I Go to Sleep Before I Go to Sleep
By Watson, S. J.
2011-06 - Harper
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Macavity Award (2012)

In this gripping psychological thriller in the vein of "Shutter Island" and the film "Memento," an amnesiac attempts to reconstruct her past by keeping a journal and discovers the dangerous inconsistencies in the stories of her husband and her secret doctor. …More