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Sacrificial Offerings: A Leal and Hart Novel Sacrificial Offerings: A Leal and Hart Novel
By Black, Michael A.
2012-10 - Five Star (ME)
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Things couldn't be worse for Sergeant Frank Leal. He's assigned a homicide at a seedy motel that suddenly develops into a "heater." Leal's regular partner, Olivia Hart, is reassigned to the SWAT team. He's also saddled with a college intern tweeting his every move, and Hart's replacement is a rubber-gun-squad candidate who has conversations with a hand-puppet named Oscar. Hart's secretly assigned to an internal affairs investigation to determine which members of the SWAT team are stealing the money during drug raids


Doing Max Vinyl (an Annie Ogden Mystery) Doing Max Vinyl (an Annie Ogden Mystery)
By Brooke, Frederick Lee
2012-02 - Frederick Lee Brooke
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Like Hiassen, who writes from an abiding affection for South Florida, Brooke's satire of reckless polluting is rooted in a love and knowledge of Chicago and Lake Michigan." "Annie Ogden, a war veteran home after 3 tours of duty in Iraq, is trying to find her place in life. A self-sufficient, strong willed woman, she takes matters into her own hands to see justice achieved. The topic of returning veterans and their struggle to fit back into society is handled in a genuine, unique and passionate way." 


Ask Not Ask Not
By Collins, Max Allan
2013-10 - Forge
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Chicago, September 1964. Beatlemania sweeps the nation, the Vietnam War looms, and the Warren Commission prepares to blame a "lone-nut" assassin for the killing of President John F. Kennedy. But as the post-Camelot era begins, a suspicious outbreak of suicides, accidental deaths, and outright murders decimates assassination witnesses. When Nathan Heller and his son are nearly run down on a city street, the private detective wonders if he himself might be a loose end.


A Silent Keep A Silent Keep
By Fox, Linda McHugh
2013-08 - Createspace
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Sixteen years ago a "Spring Week" white-water adventure became a terrifying ordeal for beautiful loner, Megan Shay and six fellow juniors from Chicago's most elite prep school. Three days into the 'North Woods Challenge', the much coveted trip took a nightmarish turn. Amidst murder, kidnapping and a desperate escape attempt over lethal, moonlit rapids, an unfathomable mystery is born. 


The Dead Caller from Chicago The Dead Caller from Chicago
By Fredrickson, Jack
2013-04 - Minotaur Books
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Dek Elstrom is back. Bad things are surfacing in Rivertown, in a huge hole in a block of bungalows. And from the past, where secrets long buried have risen again, to kill. Then comes a phone call from a dead man, and the sudden disappearance of almost everyone Dek held close. …More

World's Greatest Sleuth! World's Greatest Sleuth!
By Hockensmith, Steve
2011-01 - Minotaur Books
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In 1893, the Amlingmeyer boys venture forth from the West in response to a summons from Otto's ("Big Red") publisher--they are to come to Chicago immediately, to the World's Columbian Exposition, and compete with some of the most famous detectives in the world. …More

Some Like It Hot: A Cat DeLuca Mystery Some Like It Hot: A Cat DeLuca Mystery
By Larsen, K. J.
2013-03 - Poisoned Pen Press
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When an old friend buys a trenchcoat and opens his own detective agency, PI Cat DeLuca sees a train wreck. Because everything Billy Bonham knows about being a private dick, he learned from Humphrey Bogart. And that's just enough to make him dangerous. …More

Death at Pullman Death at Pullman
By McNamara, Frances
2011-03 - Allium Press
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A model town at war with itself . . . George Pullman created an ideal community for his railroad car workers, complete with every amenity they could want or need. But when hard economic times hit in 1894, lay-offs follow and the workers can no longer pay their rent or buy food at the company store. Starving and desperate, they turn against their once benevolent employer. Emily Cabot and her friend Dr. Stephen Chapman bring much needed food and medical supplies to the town, hoping they can meet the immediate needs of the workers and keep them from resorting to violence. But when one young worker-suspected of being a spy-is murdered, and a bomb plot comes to light, Emily must race to discover the truth behind a tangled web of family and company alliances. …More

Missing Persons Missing Persons
By O'Donohue, Clare
2011-05 - Plume Books
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All Kate wants is a clich story and 22 minutes of footage, but when two murder cases appear to overlap, she needs to work fast before another body turns up--her own. …More

Critical Mass Critical Mass
By Paretsky, Sara
2013-10 - Putnam Adult
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"Vic is at her stubborn, reckless, compassionate best in this complicated page-turner about selfish secrets passed down through generations. Paretsky has been on a roll lately, her long-running, trailblazing series at its most dynamic since the early days." -- Booklist …More

Quiet Dell Quiet Dell
By Phillips, Jayne Anne
2013-10 - Scribner Book Company
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From one of America s most accomplished and acclaimed fiction writers, a spectacularly riveting novel based on a real-life multiple murder by a con man who preyed on widows a story that has haunted Jayne Anne Phillips for more than four decades. …More

Dark Alleys Dark Alleys
By Polad, Rick
2013-11 - Calumet Editions
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History is being repeated as women are being murdered in the streets of Chicago. Spencer Manning is drawn into the middle of it by a friend who asks for a simple favor.


Dante's Wood Dante's Wood
By Raimondo, Lynne
2013-01 - Seventh Street Books
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Psychiatrist Mark Angelotti knows that genes don't lie. Or do they? Mark must prove that a mentally handicapped teenager is innocent of murder in a case where nothing is what it seems. …More

The Terrorist Next Door The Terrorist Next Door
By Siegel, Sheldon
2013-07 - Poisoned Pen Press
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Meet Detective David Gold. He's a third generation native of hardscrabble South Chicago. He's also one of Chicago's most decorated homicide detectives. Meet Gold's new partner, Detective A.C. Battle. He's a native of Mississippi whose family moved to Chicago to escape the Jim Crow South. He grew up in the Robert Taylor Homes, the penal colony of high rises across the Dan Ryan Expressway from Mayor Daley's house and Comiskey Park. …More

The Towman's Daughters The Towman's Daughters
By Walker, David J.
2011-10 - Severn House Publishers
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"The brand-new novel in the acclaimed Chicago-set 'Wild Onion Ltd.'""Series - "Being a hero is definitely not on lawyer Dugan's to-do list when he goes to retrieve his towed car one early morning. But when he comes across a crime in progress, he rescues the beautiful Isobel Cho from an armed abductor - only to find she isn't too happy to be saved. Soon Isobel goes missing, and it's up to Dugan and his PI wife, Kirsten, to find out what's happened. Could Isobel's relationship with a senator's son be at the heart of it? Or are there dirtier tricks afoot?