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Fortune Like the Moon Fortune Like the Moon
By Clare, Alys
2003-07 - Trafalgar Square Publishing
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Sunlight shone on the dark crimson blood, making it shine like a jewel...thus the body of Gunnora, a young nun from Hawkenlye Abbey, is found with her throat cut. Felons have been released from English prisons at the command of the new king, Richard Plantagenet, and suspicion centers on them. But when Josse d'Acquin, the king's knight, arrives from France to investigate, he discovers treacherous currents of lust, greed, and anger flowing closer to the Abbey, and in the haunted Weald of Kent, whose woods hide strange secrets...…More

Hangman Blind Hangman Blind
By Clark, Cassandra
2009-05 - Thorndike Press
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The stellar debut novel in a new mystery series features a brilliant and brave medieval abbess, in this work set in 1382 Yorkshire, England. …More

A Morbid Taste for Bones: The First Chronicle of Brother Cadfael A Morbid Taste for Bones: The First Chronicle of Brother Cadfael
By Peters, Ellis
1994-01 - Grand Central Publishing
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The ambitious head of Shrewsbury Abbey wants to acquire Saint Winifred's sacred remains for his Benedictine order. And when the ensuing controversy leads to murder, Brother Cadfael investigates. …More

Mistress of the Art of Death Mistress of the Art of Death
By Ariana Franklin
2007-02 - Putnam
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2008 ALA Reading List Council Genre List- Mystery
BookPage Notable Title

Set in medieval England, this chilling, mesmerizing novel combines the best of modern forensic thrillers with the detail and drama of historical fiction, as a mistress of the art of death, an early version of a medical examiner, arrives in Cambridge from Italy to investigate the suspicious deaths of four children. …More

The Abbot's Gibbet The Abbot's Gibbet
By Jecks, Michael
2014-03 - Simon & Schuster (UK)
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Travistock's fair is marred by the discovery of a headless corpse. Sir Baldwin Furnshill and Simon Puttock are asked by the Abbot to investigate. Can Furnshill and Puttock unravel this complex web of intrigue? Original. …More

The Broken Token The Broken Token
By Nickson, Chris
2010-10 - Creme de La Crime
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When Richard Nottingham, Constable of Leeds, discovers his former housemaid murdered in a particularly sickening manner, his professional and personal lives move perilously close. Circumstances conspire against him, and more murders follow. Soon the city fathers cast doubt on his capability, and he is forced to seek help from an unsavory source. Not only does the murder investigation keep running into brick walls as family problems offer an unwelcome distraction; he can't even track down a thief who has been a thorn in his side for months. When answers start to emerge, Nottingham gets more than he bargains for. …More

The Queen's Man: A Medieval Mystery The Queen's Man: A Medieval Mystery
By Penman, Sharon Kay
1998-04 - Ballantine Books
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Epiphany, 1193: Eleanor of Acquitaine's beloved son Richard Lionheart is missing, perhaps dead, and the court whispers that her younger son John is plotting to seize the crown. Meanwhile, a young man falls heir to a bloodstained letter, and the missive becomes Justin de Quincy's passport into the queen's confidence--and into the heart of danger, as he pursues a brutal and cunning murderer and jousts with secret traitors in Eleanor's court. …More

The Apothecary Rose The Apothecary Rose
By Robb, Candace M.
1997-01 - ISIS Audio Books
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In 1363, people in the cathedral city of York are dying from mysterious circumstances. There seems to be a common thread to these deaths - the herbal remedies of Nicholas Wilton, Master Apothecary. The first victim is an anonymous pilgrim, but when a highborn nobleman dies after taking the same potion, the authorities decide to act. Dispatched in disguise, to unravel the mystery, Owen Archer, former Captain of Archers, apprentices himself to the Apothecary, although it is Wilton's beautiful wife Lucie that teaches him the arcane secrets of the trade. Slowly Owen uncovers the truth and when the deaths continue he realizes that he must also include Lucie as a suspect... …More

Death and the Chapman: A Medieval Mystery Death and the Chapman: A Medieval Mystery
By Sedley, Kate
1992-01 - St. Martin's Press
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England, 1471: A 19-year-old peddler called Roger the Chapman travels throughout the country selling trinkets. When a wealthy Bristol elderman asks him to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his only son, Roger embarks on an adventure that takes him from England's country roads to its grandest establishments--and into the villainy within. Martin's. …More

The the Spiders Web: A Celtic Mystery The the Spiders Web: A Celtic Mystery
By Tremayne, Petera>
1999-07 - Minotaur Books
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In seventh-century Ireland, Sister Fidelma must unravel the solution to the murder of a rural chieftain, and finds herself surrounded by a web of lies and corruption and placed in moral danger. …More

Veil of Lies: A Medieval Noir Veil of Lies: A Medieval Noir
By Westerson, Jeri
2008-10 - Minotaur Books
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In the late 14th Century, disgraced former knight Crispin Guest finds himself in the midst of a situation involving a murdered tradesman, a missing religious artifact, a family dispute  and a perplexing mystery. …More