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Conspiracies, terrorism, assassins, and spy games - you'll find all of these and more in these books that are set in the dangerous world of cutthroat politics.


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The Camel Club
By Baldacci, David
2005/10 - Warner Books
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Exposing the juicy underbelly of Washington society, "The Camel Club" takes readers inside the nation's most elite power club and shows how far its members will go to protect their darkest secrets. ...More

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Capitol Threat
By Bernhardt, William
2007/02 - Ballantine Books
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On the heels of his national bestseller "Capitol Murder," award-winning author Bernhardt delivers another thriller starring Ben Kincaid as a Washington, D.C., outsider who gets caught up in a murky world of murder, theft, organized crime, and worst of all--politics. ...More

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By Clarke, Richard A.
2007/02 - Putnam Publishing Group
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Americas preeminent counterterrorism expert and #1 bestselling author presents the global village--an intricately intertwined network of technology that binds together the worlds economies, governments, and communication systems. Now a sophisticated group is seeking to "disconnect the globe, in this novel available in a tall Premium Edition. ...More

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The Next President
By Flynn, Joseph
2001/05 - Bantam Books
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One bullet can change everything...
Who's the cat and who's the mouse?
J.D. Cade was trained to kill by his country. He did his duty and put the past behind him. Or so he thought.

Now someone is using his only son as a pawn to force him to kill again. And this time the target is Franklin Delano Rawley -- the first African-American on the verge of becoming the president of the United States. In order to spare Rawley's life and save his own son, J.D. must somehow find out who is behind the conspiracy. But his every move is being watched by his blackmailer.

He has drawn the attention of a suspicious Secret Service agent. And he has met an old army "friend" working in the Rawley campaign. Just as troubling is J.D.'s attraction to Rawley's beautiful campaign manager. ...More

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Transfer of Power
By Flynn, Vince
1999/07 - Pocket Books
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A group of terrorists invades the White House--driving the president to an underground bunker where he can't communicate with his government. Mitch Rapp, the CIA's top counterterrorist operative, sneaks into the executive mansion to take control and finds that the terrorists are the least of the president's--and the nation's--problems. ...More

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Mad Dogs
By Grady, James
2006/09 - Forge
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James Grady revolutionized the political thriller with his first novel, "Six Days of the Condor." Now Grady breaks fresh thriller territory with a brilliant novel launched from a totally original creation: the CIAUs secret insane asylum for "retired" agents. ...More

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Edge of Honor
By Herman, Richard
2000/04 - Avon Books
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Madeline Turner, the first female president of the United States, must call in her capable ally, Air Force legend Matt Pontowski, as a criminal leads a band of drug runners and murderers in taking over the Russian government. An explosive confrontation is coming that could reshape the face of the world. ...More

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The Inside Ring
By Lawson, Mike
2005/05 - Doubleday Books
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After an assassination attempt on the president, an honest lawyer with strong political connections flies under the radar on a twisted path through the Secret Service, FBI, and Department of Homeland Security to uncover how security's inside ring has been compromised. ...More

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The Last Spymaster
By Lynds, Gayle
2006/05 - St. Martin's Press
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When Jay Tice escapes from prison, CIA recovery specialist Elaine Cunningham seeks to find him before the world discovers the agency has lost track of its most dangerous spy. But the challenging assignment becomes something more as she uncovers evidence of a deadly conspiracy. ...More

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Lost Lake
By Margolin, Phillip
2005/03 - HarperCollins Publishers
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A BookPage Notable Title
The bestselling author of "Sleeping Beauty" returns with an explosive thriller about how a young tabloid reporter's "paranoid" theories just might be true.

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The Book of Fate
By Meltzer, Brad
2006/09 - Warner Books
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A dark conspiracy and a 200-year-old secret code created by Thomas Jefferson add up to the most fast-paced, explosive thriller yet from "New York Times" bestselling author Meltzer. ...More

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Balance of Power
By Patterson, Richard North
2004/06 - Ballantine Books
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An epic story that moves with force, passion, and authority, "Balance of Power" begins when President Kerry Kilcannon and television journalist Lara Costello at last decide to marry. But the momentous occasion is followed by an unspeakable tragedy--a massacre of innocents by gunfire--that ignites a high-stakes game of politics and legal maneuvering in the Senate, the courtroom, and across the country, which the charismatic but untested young President is determined to win at any cost. But in the incendiary clash over gun violence and gun rights, the cost to both Kilcannons may be even higher than he imagined. ...More

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The Last Jihad
By Rosenberg, Joel C.
2002/12 - Forge
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In this fictionalized account, Saddam Hussein plans to launch a nuclear attack against the Western world and can only be stopped by an Arab-Israeli coalition. Jon Bennett, a senior White House Advisor, is drawn into the fray and must summon all his stealth and savvy to save himself--and the world--from absolute destruction. ...More

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Dead Watch
By Sandford, John
2006/05 - Putnam Publishing Group
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From the author of the #1 bestselling Prey novels comes an extraordinary story of murder, passion, and deadly ambition--a political thriller like no other. ...More

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The Messenger
By Silva, Daniel
2006/08 - Putnam Publishing Group
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Allon is recovering from his grueling showdown with a Palestinian master terrorist, when terrorism comes to find him once again. An al-Qaeda suspect is killed in London, and photographs are found on his computer-photographs that lead Israeli intelligence to suspect that al-Qaeda is planning one of its most audacious attacks ever. To Allon, there is something terribly familiar about the information, something horrifyingly close--but even he does not realize how close. Urgently, he throws himself into the hunt, but there may simply not be enough of anything: enough time, enough facts, enough luck. An extraordinary enem walks among them..and he's just getting started. ...More

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Path of the Assassin
By Thor, Brad
2003/01 - Atria Books
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Thor and his indomitable hero Scot Harvath--from "The Lions of Lucerne"--are back, raising the stakes and taking on an anonymous terrorist bent on stoking a global holy war of apocalyptic proportions. ...More


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