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Magazines by Subject 



Print Holdings


AAII Journal 18 Months
AARP Bulletin One Year
AARP the Magazine 2 Years
Ability 2 Years
Air & Space Smithsonian 2 Years
All You Ceased with December 2015
Allure 18 Months
American Bungalow 2 Years
American History 2 Years
American Libraries (ask Staff) Current Issues
American Spectator One Year
Aramco World (formerly Saudi Aramco World) 2 Years
Archaeology 2 Years
Architectural Digest 2 Years
Art Jewelry May 2015 -
Arthritis Today 2 Years
Artist's Magazine 2 Years
ArtNews 2 Years
Asimov's Science Fiction 2 Years
Astronomy 2 Years
Atlantic Monthly One Year
Audiofile (ask Staff) Current Issues
Audrey Ceased Fall 2015
Audubon 2 Years
Automobile Red Book (Used and Older) Current Issue
Aviation Week & Space Technology One Year
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Backpacker 2 Years
Baseball Digest 2 Years
Bead and Button 2 Years
Beadwork December 2014 -
Best's Review (Insurance Issues and Analyses; formerly Property/Casualty and Life/Health) 2 Years
Better Homes & Gardens 2 Years
Better Investing 2 Years
Bicycling 2 Years
Bird Watching 2 Years
Birds & Blooms Feb./March 2014 -
Black Belt 2 Years
Bloomberg Business Week One Year
Boating 2 Years
Bon Appetit 2 Years
Booklist (ask Staff) Current Issues
Bookmarks 2 Years
Bottom Line, Personal 2 Years
Bride's 18 Months
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CQ, the Radio Amateurs' Journal 2 Years
Car and Driver 2 Years
Cat Fancy (title changed to Catster)  
Catster (formerly Cat Fancy) 2 Years
Chess Life 2 Years
Chicago  2 Years
Chicago Consumers' Checkbook (also on Consumer Reference Shelf) 5 Years
Chicago History (See Collection Area 977.311) 1975-1976, 1979 (inc.), 1988-
Chicagoland Gardening 2 Years
China Today 2 Years
Christian Century One Year
Christian Science Monitor Weekly One Year
Christianity Today 2 Years
Chronicle of Higher Education One Year
Civil War Times 2 Years
Classic Toy Trains 2 Years
Clean Eating 2 Years
Cloth-Paper-Scissors 2 Years
Coastal Living 2 Years
Coins 2 Years
Computers in Libraries (ask Staff) Current Issues
Conde Nast Traveler 18 Months
Connected World 18 Months
Conservationist 2 Years
Consumer Reports 5 Years
Consumer Reports Money Adviser Through August 2015
Consumer Reports on Health 2 Years
Cooking Light 2 Years
Cooking with Paula Deen 2 Years
Cook's Country 2 Years
Cook's Illustrated 2 Years
Cosmopolitan 18 Months
The Cottage Journal 2 Years
Country Living 2 Years
Country Sampler July 2014 -
Cowboys and Indians 2 Years
Crab Orchard Review 2 Years
Craft Ideas  2 Years
Creating Keepsakes (Ceased publication Nov./Dec. 2013. Some issues shelved with Paper Crafts.)  
Crochet! 2 Years
Cross-Stitch & Needlework 2 Years
Cruising World Dec. 2014 -
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DRIP Investor (Money Management area reference shelves) 18 Months
Dance Magazine 2 Years
Deaf Life 2015 -
Details Ceased with Dec./Jan. 2016
Diabetes Self-Management 2 Years
Digital Photo 2 Years
Discover 2 Years
Do It Yourself 2 Years
Dog Fancy (title changed to Dogster)  
Dogster (formerly Dog Fancy) 2 Years
Dow Theory Forecasts (Money Management subject area) One Year
Downbeat 2014 -
Dr. Oz: the Good Life March/April 2014 -


ESPN One Year
Early American Life 2 Years
Eating Well July/August 2014 -
Ebony Ceased September 2015
The Economist One Year
Edmund's New Cars & Trucks Buyer's Guide Online Only
Edmund's Used Cars & Trucks Buyer's Guide Online Only
Elle Decor 2 Years
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine 2 Years
Entertainment Weekly One Year
Entrepreneur 2 Years
Esquire 18 Months
Essence 2 Years
Every Day with Rachael Ray 2 Years


Family Chronicle (title changed to Your Genealogy Today)  
Family Circle 18 Months
Family Handyman 2 Years
Family Tree July/August 2014 -
Fast Company 2 Years
Fidelity Monitor (Money Management subject area) 18 Months
Financial Smarts (Money Management area reference shelves) Current Issues
Fine Cooking Oct./Nov. 2014 -
Fine Gardening 2 Years
Fine Homebuilding 2 Years
Fine Scale Modeler 2 Years
Flying 2 Years
Food Network Magazine 2 Years
Forbes One Year
Foreign Affairs One Year
Fortune One Year
Futures (title changed to Modern Trader) Through June 2015
Futurist 2 Years


GQ 18 Months
Garden Gate 2 Years
Glamour 18 Months
Gluten Free & More 2 Years
Golf Magazine 2 Years
Good Housekeeping 2 Years
Guideposts (Large Print) 2 Years
Guitar Player 2 Years
Guns & Ammo 2 Years
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HGTV Magazine 2 Years
Harper's Bazaar 18 Months
Harper's Magazine One Year
Harvard Business Review 2 Years
Harvard Health Letter 2 Years
Health 2 Years
Home Business Sept./Oct 2014 -
Horse Illustrated 2 Years
Horticulture 2 Years
House Beautiful 2 Years


Illinois Library Association Reporter (ask staff) Current Issues
In-Fisherman 2 Years
In Style 18 Months
Inc. 2 Years
India Today Jan. 12, 2015 -
Insight into Diversity 2 Years
Internet Genealogy 2 Years
Islands 18 Months
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Kelley Blue Book (New, Older and Used Cars) Current Issues
Keyboard 2015 -
Kiplinger's Investing for Income (Money Management area reference shelves) 18 Months
Kiplinger's Personal Finance 2 Years
Kiplinger's Retirement Report 2 Years
Kirkus Reviews (ask Staff) Current Issues
Knitter's 2 Years


Latina Dec. 2014 -
Library Journal (ask Staff) Current Issues
Linn's Stamp News One Year
Living Without's Gluten Free + More  See Gluten Free & More
Lucky Ceased May 2015
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MHQ: the Quarterly Journal of Military History 2 Years
MacWorld Ceased
Make 2 Years
Manager's Legal Bulletin One Year
Marie Claire 18 Months
Marketing Library Services (ask staff) Current Issues
Martha Stewart Living 2 Years
Martha Stewart Weddings 2 Years
Mary Jane's Farm 2 Years
Maximum PC 2 Years
Mayo Clinic Health Letter 2 Years
McCall's Quilting July/August 2014 -
Men's Health 2 Years
Men's Journal 18 Months
Mental Floss 2 Years
Midwest Living 18 Months
Model Railroader 2 Years
Modern Trader (formerly Futures) July 2015 -
Money 2 Years
Moneyletter (Money Management area reference shelves) 18 Months
More 18 Months
Morningstar FundInvestor Available in database
Morningstar DividendInvestor Current 12 Months
Morningstar ETFInvestor Available in database
Morningstar Mutual Funds Available in database
Morningstar StockInvestor Available in database
Mother Earth Living (formerly called Natural Home) 2 Years
Mother Earth News 2 Years
Mother Jones One Year
Motor Trend 2 Years
Motor Trend's Truck Trend 2 Years
Ms. 18 Months
Muscle and Fitness (Joe Weider's) 2 Years
Mystery Scene 2 Years
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NADA Appraisal Guides (Used; Motorcycle/Snowmobile/ATV/Personal Watercraft) Current Issues
The Nation One Year
National Geographic 3 Years
National Geographic Traveler 18 Months
National Parks 2 Years
National Review One Year
National Wildlife 2 Years
Neighbors of Darien 2 Years
New Pioneer Spring 2015 -
New Republic One Year
New York Review of Books  One Year
New Yorker One Year
News for You (Life Skills Collection) 3 Months
Newsweek August 2014 -
No Load Fund Investor (Money Management area reference shelves) 18 Months


O: The Oprah Magazine 2 Years
100 Highest Yields (Money Management area reference shelves) 18 Months
Old House Journal Sept. 2014 -
Opera News 2 Years
Organic Life (formerly Organic Gardening through April 2015)
2 Years
Outdoor Life 2 Years
Outside 2 Years
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Parents 2 Years
People One Year
People Style Watch One Year
Poetry 2 Years
Popular Mechanics 2 Years
Popular Photography 2 Years
Popular Science 2 Years
Prevention 2 Years
Pro Wrestling Illustrated 2 Years
Psychology Today 2 Years
Publisher's Weekly (ask Staff) Current Issues
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Quarterly Low-Load Mutual Fund Update (Money Management area reference) 18 Months
Quilters' Newsletter 2 Years


RT Book Reviews 2 Years
Rails to Trails 2 Years
Reader's Digest 2 Years
Reader's Digest (Large Print) 2 Years
Real Simple 2 Years
Redbook 18 Months
Regional Economist 2 Years
Reminisce 2 Years
Road & Track 2 Years
Road Scholar Current 2 Issues
Robb Report 18 Months
Rolling Stone 18 Months
Romantic Country Fall 2014 -
Romantic Homes 2 Years
Runner's World 2 Years
Russian Life 2 Years
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Saturday Evening Post 2 Years
Scale Auto Dec. 2014 -
Sci-Fi 2 Years
Science News One Year
Scientific American 2 Years
Scrap & Stamp Arts 2 Years
Self 18 Months
Sew News 2 Years
Shape 2 Years
Sheet Music Magazine (shelved in collection area 780.26) June/July 1988 - Spring 2012
Shopsmart Through Aug. 2015
Sierra 2 Years
Skeptical Inquirer 2 Years
Sky & Telescope 2 Years
Small Business Opportunities 2 Years
Smithsonian 2 Years
Soap Opera Digest One Year
Soccer America 2 Years
Sophisticate's Black Hair Styles and Care 18 Months
Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide 18 Months
Sound and Vision 2 Years
Southern Living 2 Years
Sports Illustrated One Year
Standard and Poor's Outlook Available in database
Success 2 Years
Sunset 2 Years
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TV Weekly Current Issues
Taste of the South 2 Years
Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities 18 Months
Tennis 2 Years
This Old House 2 Years
Threads Aug./Sept. 2014 -
Time One Year
Today's Black Woman Aug./Sept. 2015 -
Town & Country 2 Years
Track & Field News 2 Years
Traditional Home 2 Years
Trailer Life 18 Months
Trains 2 Years
Travel and Leisure 18 Months
Treasures 2 Years
Tropical Fish Hobbyist 2 Years


Upside: Best Buys in Small and Midcap Stocks (Money Management area reference shelves) 18 Months
Us Weekly One Year


Value Line (Money Management area reference shelves) Current Issues
Value Line Small and Mid-Cap (Money Management area reference shelves) Current Issues
Vanity Fair One Year
Vegetarian Times 2 Years
Veranda 2 Years
Victoria 2 Years
Video Librarian (ask Staff) Current Issues
Vietnam August 2014 -
Vogue 18 Months
Voice of Youth Advocate (ask Staff) Current Issues
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W November 2014 -
WSJ September 2015 -
Washington Monthly 2 Years
The Week One Year
Watercolor Artist February 2015 -
Weight Watchers 2 Years
West Suburban Living 2 Years
Wheels of Time 2 Years
Where to Retire 2 Years
Wild West 2 Years
Wine & Spirits 2 Years
Wired One Year
Woman's Day 18 Months
Woman's World One Year
Women's Health Advisor 2 Years
Women's Health Magazine 2 Years
Wood (Better Homes and Gardens) 2 Years
Woodsmith 2 Years
Workforce Management 2 Years
Working Mother 2 Years
World War II 2 Years
Writer's Digest 2 Years


Yankee 2 Years
Yes Winter 2014 --
Yoga Journal 2 Years
Your Genealogy Today (formerly Family Chronicle until March 2015)
2 Years


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