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48 Hrs. 48 Hrs.
1982 - Paramount Studios
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A cop goes looking for a psychotic prison escapee with the help of a fast-talking con man. …More

About Last Night
About Last Night
By Pink, Steve
2014-09 - Sony Pictures Home Ent
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A modern re-imagining of the classic romantic comedy, this contemporary version closely follows new love for two couples as they journey from the bar to the bedroom and are eventually put to the test in the real world. …More

Barbershop Barbershop
2002 - Tcfhe/MGM
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In less than 12 hours, Calvin sells the barbershop he inherited from his father to a slimy character, discovers how important the shop is to him and the community, and tires desperately to buy back the shop. The daily goings-on at the shop make for a very entertaining backdrop. …More

Beverly Hills Cop
Beverly Hills Cop
2005-03 - Paramount - Uni Dist Corp
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When Detroit cop Axel Foley's best friend is murdered, the trail leads him to Beverly Hills where an international drug smuggling ring is threatened where he teams up with two reluctant detectives from the Beverly Hills police force. …More

The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings
1976 - Universal
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A group of independent renegade players travel around the Midwest looking for that big home run while playing baseball in the 1930's Negro League. …More

Buck and the Preacher

Buck and the Preacher
1972 - Sony Pictures Home Ent
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Buck is an ex-Union Army Cavalry sergeant who becomes a scout for freed slaves heading to the Colorado frontier. Tagging along is Buck's stoic wife and a bible-thumping con artist. …More

Cooley High Cooley High
1975 - Tcfhe/MGM
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This fun-loving and uproarious cult classic takes a fond look back on life in the early 60s at Chicago's Cooley High. Featuring a dynamite Motown soundtrack, "Cooley High" is a true-to-life story about one cool school. …More

Coming to America Coming to America
1988 - Paramount Home Video
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Pampered Prince Akeem of Zamunda comes to New York with his royal sidekick to find a true-love bride. …More

The Fighting Temptations
The Fighting Temptations
2013-01 - Warner Home Video
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A romantic comedy about a slick-talking con artist who loses his job and returns to his hometown in Georgia to collect an inheritance. As stipulated in the will, he must recruit a gospel choir and lead it to success before he can cash in. …More

First Sunday
First Sunday
2012-05 - Sony Pictures Home Ent
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In this hilarious comedy, Durell (ICE CUBE) and LeeJohn (TRACY MORGAN) are best friends and bumbling petty criminals. When told they have one week to pay a $17,000 debt or Durell will lose his son, they come up with a desperate scheme to rob their neighborhood church. Instead, they end up spending the night in the presence of the Lord and are forced to deal with much more than they bargained for. …More

Friday Friday
1995 - New Line Cinema Corporation
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Craig is an all right guy with some crazy friends--like Smokey, who has twenty-four hours to pay back Deebo, South Central's nastiest thug, or else. Trouble is, neither Craig's mother nor his main squeeze have the cash, and the chance that this pair will see Saturday is pretty slim. …More

Hollywood Shuffle Hollywood Shuffle
1987 - Tcfhe/MGM
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Comedy about Bobby Taylor, a young black actor trying to get a foothold in Hollywood but running into problems of stereotyping at every turn.

Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All by Myself Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All by Myself
2009 - Lions Gate Home Entertainment
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When Madea, Americas favorite pistol-packing grandma, catches sixteen-year-old Jennifer and her two younger brothers looting her home, she decides to take matters into her own hands and delivers the young delinquents to the only relative they have: their aunt April. …More

Jumping the Broom
Jumping the Broom
2013-02 - Sony Pictures Home Ent
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"Jumping the Broom" focuses on a weekend wedding in Martha's Vineyard where two families from divergent socioeconomic backgrounds clash during their first meeting before the big event. …More

Let's Do It Again Let's Do It Again
1975 - Warner Home Video
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Two lodge brothers fix a fight and bilk mobsters by hypnotizing a bony boxer. …More

Lottery Ticket
Lottery Ticket
2015-02 - Warner Home Video
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Kevin Carson, a young man living in the projects, dreams of having his life changed by winning the lottery -- as do all his neighbors -- but when Kevin finally hits it big, he must keep his good luck secret until he can claim the prize. Thrilled to be in possession of the $370 million ticket, Kevin endeavors to keep his scheming and sometimes hostile neighbors at bay in this uproarious comedy. …More

Sister ACT Sister ACT
1992 - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
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A Vegas singer witnesses a mob murder and the cops stash her in a nunnery to protect her from the hitmen. The mother superior does not trust her, and takes steps to limit her influence on the other nuns. Eventually the singer rescues the failing choir and begins helping with community projects. …More

Think Like a Man
Think Like a Man
2014-02 - Sony Pictures Home Ent
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Based on Steve Harvey's best-selling book, Think Like a Man follows four interconnected and diverse men whose love lives are shaken up after the ladies they are pursuing buy Harvey's book and start taking his advice to heart. When the band of brothers realize they have been betrayed by one of their own, they conspire using the book's insider information to turn the tables and teach the women a …More

Trading Places Trading Places
1983 - Paramount Home Video
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Sporting billionaire brothers reverse the roles of a Wall Street commodities broker and a street hustler. …More

Uptown Saturday Night Uptown Saturday Night
1974 - Warner Home Video
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Blue-collar buddies search the underworld for a winning lottery ticket lost in a nightclub holdup. …More