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Psycho Psycho
1960- Universal Home Video
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Marion Crane, a criminal on the run, who takes refuge at the motel owned by Norman Bates and his "mother." After Marion is killed in Hollywood's famous shower scene, the suspense continues when Marion's sister and a P.I. come looking for her at the Bates Motel. …More

Carrie Carrie
1976 - Tcfhe/MGM
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Carrie White is an awkward young girl who doesn't make friends easily. One of her classmates takes pity on her and gets Tommy Ross, her boyfriend and class hunk to invite Carrie to the senior prom. Meanwhile another girl who has been banned from the prom for her continued aggressive behavior is not as forgiving and plans a trick to humiliate Carrie in front of the whole class. But Carrie has a secret...a deadly secret! …More

Halloween Halloween
1978 - Tcfhe/Anchor Bay/Starz
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An escaped masked killer stalks a baby sitter and her friends on Halloween. Directed by John Carpenter. …More


Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte
1964 - Twentieth Century-Fox
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Half-mad Charlotte lives in a Louisiana mansion with her greedy cousin and family doctor. Directed by Robert Aldrich. …More


Jaws Jaws
1975 - Universal Home Video
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Spielberg pits three men against a Great White Shark that has been attacking swimmers at an island resort in New England. The film redefined the word "blockbuster," and John Williams' score still haunts swimmers around the world. …More

Night of the Living Dead Night of the Living Dead
1968 - Uni Dist Corp (Music)
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People hide in a house from carnivorous walking corpses revived by radiation fallout. Directed by George Romero. …More


Rosemary's Baby Rosemary's Baby
1968 - Paramount Home Video
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Quite possibly the finest horror film ever made, this is the brilliant adaptation of Ira Levin's novel about a young couple nervously expecting their first child. This commemorative edition features new never-before-seen retrospective interviews with Roman Polanski, Richard Sylbert and Robert Evans. …More

The Birds The Birds
1963 - Universal Home Video
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The Birds is Hitchcock's classic about a woman and the mass bird attacks that follow her around an isolated California community. These landmark masterpieces are newly remastered and, for an added value, contain bonus footage and contemporary packaging. …More

The Comedy of Terrors; The Raven The Comedy of Terrors; The Raven
1963 - MGM Home Entertainment
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The Hinchley and Trumbull Funeral Parlor is on the verge of financial ruin. Hinchley, 92 years old and senile, had entrusted the business to his lazy, drunken son-in-law, Trumbull. To make matters worse, their landlord is now threatening to evict them. Forced to act, Trumbull devises a murderous scheme that will drum up new "customers" and pay back his landlord at the same time. …More

The Exorcist The Exorcist
1973 - Warner Home Video
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Blair is Regan, a young girl possessed by Satan. Her mother, Burstyn, summons the help of a priest who tries to save her while confronting his own private demons. A landmark film that spawned a new generation of horror movies. …More

The Haunting

The Haunting
1963 - Warner Home Video
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An anthropologist, an heir and two ESP-prone women explore a New England mansion. Directed by Robert Wise. …More


The Legend of Hell House The Legend of Hell House
1973- Twentieth Century-Fox
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A physicist, his wife, a medium and a researcher bait demons in a haunted mansion. …More


Omen-Collectors Ed Steelbook Omen
1976 - Twentieth Century-Fox
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A chilling suspense mystery, this riveting tale of the supernatural explores the Biblical prophecy of the warning which will foretell the coming of Armageddon. The final confrontation between the forces of good and evil will begin with the birth of the son of Satan, in human form.

The Stepford Wives The Stepford Wives
1975 - Paramount Home Video
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Two Connecticut women wonder why all the other housewives act like robots. Directed by Bryan Forbes. …More


What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
1962 - Warner Home Video
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A Hollywood child-star has-been torments her famous sister, now in a wheelchair. Directed by Robert Aldrich. …More