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Angels & Demons Angels & Demons
2009 - Sony Pictures Home Ent
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What terrifying discovery would make the Vatican turn to Robert Langdon, the man who cracked historys most controversial code? When Langdon discovers evidence of the resurgence of an ancient secret brotherhood known as the Illuminati the most powerful underground organization in history he also faces a deadly threat to the existence of the secret organization's most despised enemy: the Catholic Church. …More

The Blind Side The Blind Side
2009 - Warner Home Video
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Michael Oher, a homeless African-American youngster from a broken home, is taken in by the Touhys, a well-to-do white family who help him fulfill his potential. At the same time, Oher's presence in the Touhys' lives leads them to some insightful self-discoveries of their own. Living in his new environment, the teen faces a completely different set of challenges to overcome. As a football player and student, Oher works hard and, with the help of his coaches and adopted family, becomes an All-American offensive left tackle. …More

The Da Vinci Code The Da Vinci Code
2006 - Sony Pictures Home Ent
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The murder of the Louvre's chief curator puts his granddaughter, cryptographer Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou), and symbols expert Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) on the trail of an ancient, mysterious society founded during the time of Christ. As the two unravel coded messages left for them at the scene -- including a treasure map that leads to the Holy Grail itself -- they find themselves entangled in a mystery that takes them from France to England, searching for clues in the very history of Western civilization. …More

Eat Pray Love Eat Pray Love
2010 - Sony Pictures Home Ent
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While trying to get pregnant, a happily married woman realizes her life needs to go in a different direction, and after a painful divorce, she takes off on a round-the-world journey. Based on the New York Times best-selling book by Elizabeth Gilbert. …More

The Help The Help
2011 - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
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Based on one of the most talked about books in years and a #1 New York Times best-selling phenomenon, The Help stars Emma Stone  as Skeeter, Academy Award-nominated Viola Davis (Doubt) as Aibileen and Octavia Spencer as Minny, three very different, extraordinary women in Mississippi during the 1960s, who build an unlikely friendship around a secret writing project that breaks societal rules and puts them all at risk. …More

The Joy Luck Club The Joy Luck Club
1993 - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
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Based on a novel by Amy Tan, Wayne Wang's drama follows four Chinese women -- Suyuan, Lindo, Ying Ying and An Mei -- who gather weekly to share stories and friendship. Interwoven with the travails of their daughters -- June, Lena, Waverly and Rose -- are stories of the women's own struggles for a better life. …More

The Kite Runner The Kite Runner
2007- Paramount
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Years after fleeing the Taliban and immigrating to the United States, an Afghan man returns to his war-ravaged homeland to try to repay his debt to a childhood friend whose trust he betrayed. …More

The Lovely Bones The Lovely Bones
2009 - Paramount Home Video
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Susie Salmon, a young girl who has been murdered, watches over her family - and her killer - from heaven. She must weigh her desire for vengeance against her desire for her family to heal. …More

Memoirs of a Geisha Memoirs of a Geisha
2005 - Sony Pictures Home Ent
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In the years before World War II, a Japanese child is torn from her penniless family to work as a geisha house. Despite a treacherous rival who nearly breaks her spirit, the girl blossoms into the legendary geisha Sayuri. Beautiful and accomplished, Sayuri captivates the most powerful men of her day, but is haunted by her secret love for the one man beyond her reach. …More

The Memory Keeper's Daughter The Memory Keeper's Daughter
2008 - Sony Pictures Home Ent
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In 1964, Dr. David Henry (Dermot Mulroney) separated his daughter from her twin brother to hide the daughter's Down Syndrome from his wife. Entrusting the baby to a nurse (Emily Watson), David cut off all contact to focus on his wife (Gretchen Mol) and his son. Over the next 25 years, his disabled daughter grows into a beautiful adult while David watches the rest of his family fall apart, knowing he can never reveal his darkest secret. …More

My Sister's Keeper My Sister's Keeper
2009 - New Line Cinema Corporation
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A former defense attorney finds herself back in the courtroom when she and her husband get sued for emancipation by their teenage daughter, Anna. The subsequent trial exposes a shocking family secret that tests the limits of parental love -- and the boundaries of ethics. Based on Jodi Picoult's novel. …More

The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio
2005 - Dreamworks Video
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With 10 children to feed, postwar Ohio housewife Evelyn Ryan has gotten used to being resourceful, stretching her husband's meager salary to the limit. But when clipping coupons won't cut it, she's forced to rely on her creativity and enters a jingle-writing contest for extra income. …More

Sarahs Key Sarahs Key
2010- Tcfhe/Anchor Bay/Starz
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Paris, July 1942: Sarah, a ten-year old girl, is taken with her parents by the French police as they go door-to-door arresting Jewish families in the middle of the night. Desperate to protect her younger brother, Sarah locks him in a bedroom cupboard their secret hiding place and promises to come back for him as soon as they are released. Sixty seven years later: Sarah's story intertwines with that of Julia Jarmond, an American journalist investigating the roundup. …More

Seabiscuit Seabiscuit
2003 - Universal Studios
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Based on the bestselling novel by Laura Hillenbrand, Seabiscuit is the story of an unlikely hero, who captured the hearts of Americans during the Great Depression of the 1930s. …More

The Secret Life of Bees The Secret Life of Bees
2008 - Twentieth Century-Fox
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The Secret Life Of Bees, based on the New York Times best selling novel and set in South Carolina in 1964, is the moving tale of Lily Owens a 14 year-old girl who is haunted by the memory of her late mother. To escape her lonely life and troubled relationship with her father, Lily flees with Rosaleen, her caregiver and only friend, to a South Carolina town that holds the secret to her mother's past. …More

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
2011- Twentieth Century-Fox
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Centuries ago, two 'sworn sisters' are isolated by their families, but stay connected through a secret language written in the folds of a white silk fan. Now in modern-day Shanghai, their descendents must draw inspiration from the past as they struggle to maintain their own eternal bond in the face of life's complications.

The Time Traveler's Wife The Time Traveler's Wife
2009 - New Line Cinema Corporation
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Clare has been in love with Henry  her entire life. She believes they are destined to be together, even though she never knows when they will be separated: Henry is a time traveler--cursed with a rare genetic anomaly that causes him to live his life on a shifting timeline, skipping back and forth through the years with no control. Despite the fact that Henry's travels force them apart with no warning, and never knowing when they will be reunited, Clare desperately tries to build a life with her one true love. …More

Under the Tuscan Sun Under the Tuscan Sun
2003 - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
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A lawyer from America becomes frustrated with her life and decides to move to Tuscany, Italy to figure things out. After buying a dilapidated villa in the countryside, her life turns around.Soon, she's balancing a new love life with the demands of living in a foreign country.…More

Water for Elephants Water for Elephants
2011 - Twentieth Century-Fox
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Devastated by the sudden death of his parents at the height of The Depression, a young dreamer from the wrong side of the tracks, Jacob Jankowski , abandons his veterinary studies at Cornell University. With no other family, no house, and no money, Jacob stows away on a train carrying the circus performers of The Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth. Hired as a veterinarian to care for the troupes animals, Jacob is temporarily filled with the promise of an exciting life that comes with a traveling circus troupe. …More