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The Badlanders The Badlanders
1958 - Warner Bros. Digital Dist
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Arizona Territory, 1898. Peter Van Hoek is set up for a crime and does his time in Yuma Prison. Now, he's ready for payback. He cons the mining boss who set him up, by selling him a fortune in gold that comes from the boss's own mine. An ex-inmate will provide muscle for the scheme. A downtrodden local will use his skill with TNT to be the job's Powder Monkey. Well, it's the plan anyway.


Blazing Saddles Blazing Saddles
2010-12 - Warner Home Video
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Gucci-saddlebagged Sheriff Bart teams up with the drunken Waco Kid. Directed by Mel Brooks. …More

Cat Ballou Cat Ballou
2005-11 - Sony Pictures Home Ent
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In this hilarious Western spoof that took only 32 days to film, a schoolmarm-turned-outlaw named Catherine "Cat" Ballou teams up with the boozy has-been, Kid Shelleen to protect her father's ranch from a greedy railroad tycoon. …More

Cheyenne Social Club / Fire Creek Cheyenne Social Club
1970 - Warner Home Video
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In Cheyenne Social Club, saddle-weary Texans are surprised to find they've inherited a Wyoming brothel and must defend it against a gun-wielding gang. In Firecreek an outlaw preys on small towns, and a $2-a-month lawman must find the courage to stop him.


Destry Rides Again Destry Rides Again
2003-05 - Universal Home Video
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Deputy sheriff Destry tames the town of Bottle Neck, including saloon singer Frenchy. Directed by George Marshall. …More

Destry Rides Again A Lady Takes a Chance 
1943 - Universal Home Video
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A sophisticated New Yorker falls in love with a rodeo cowboy.


The Paleface The Paleface
2010-06 - Universal Home Video
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Bob Hope stars in this wild west spoof co-starring Jane Russell as a sexy Calamity Jane. Hope is meek frontier dentist "Painless" Peter Potter, who finds himself gunslinging alongside the fearless Calamity as she fights off outlaws and Indians. …More

Rancho Deluxe Rancho Deluxe
2006-04 - Tcfhe/MGM
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Two Montana cattle rustlers try for a herd in the New West. Directed by Frank Perry. Written by Thomas McGuane. …More

The Shakiest Gun in the West The Shakiest Gun in the West
2007-01 - Universal Home Video
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A Philadelphia milquetoast goes west and meets a tall bandit who tricks him into marriage. …More

The Shakiest Gun in the West Sheriff of Fractured Jaw 
1958- Universal Home Video
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A comedy/Western about a refined English gentleman who becomes sheriff of the toughest town this side of Tombstone and the blonde saloon owner who taught him how. 


Skin Game Skin Game
2011-06 - Warner Bros. Digital Dist
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In this comedy, meet Quincy and Jason, two likable swindlers who've come up with a way to make a bundle by bamboozling slave owners. Posing as master and slave, Quincy and Jason ride into backwater prairie towns where, after Quincy intones and Jason moans, Jason is sold to the highest bidder. Then Quincy springs him loose and they split town, split the cash and head down the road looking for the next sucker.


Support Your Local Gunfighter Support Your Local Gunfighter
2009-05 - Tcfhe/MGM
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A con man and his partner profit from mistaken identity in the mining town of Purgatory. Directed by Burt Kennedy. …More

Support Your Local Sheriff! Support Your Local Sheriff!
2009-05 - Tcfhe/MGM
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A stranger tames an Old West boomtown and woos the mayor's daughter on his way to Australia. Directed by Burt Kennedy. …More

Texas Texas
2005-04 - Sony Pictures Home Ent
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Confederate veterans cross paths as a rustler and a rancher in Texas. Directed by George Marshall. …More

They Call Me Trinity They Call Me Trinity
2007-09 - Hen's Tooth Video
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Two goofy would-be gunslingers side with Mormon settlers against Mexican bandits. …More

Three Godfathers Three Godfathers
2007-05 - Warner Home Video
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Three Old West outlaws adopt a dying woman's baby in the desert. …More