I returned an item last night and it still shows on my record. Why?

During busy times, it may take a day or two (longer after holiday closings) to check in items, but we're very careful to make sure the computer shows the actual date something was returned.  We do mark the bins with the date the item was returned. Watch this video to see materials being checked in.

Why does my record say my items are still checked out and I owe money when I returned my item?

If the item has not been checked-in the computer will show what the projected fine would be.  Once the item is checked-in, the computer will show the date that you returned it.

Can I borrow items without my library card?

A patron may use an ID with their current address to check out materials. Over the phone, no patron information will be given out without the patron's library card number and full name.

I think I returned an item but it's still checked out to me. What do I do?

Call the library immediately to let us know (630/887-8760). We will check the shelves to see if the item is there. If we don't find it, we'll check again and ask you to check again.  We will work with you to resolve any problems.