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openroadYour Future

HumanMetrics Personality Test - Take a free personality test to find out what kind of career will suit your personality best!

MyFuture - Not sure what's right for you? Explore job, school and Military options and get tips on job searching, resume writing, interviews and more.

What Do you Like? - Explore college major and career possibilities based on your interests. From the Bureau of Labor & Statistics


Exploring College

College Directories -Check out the Library's collection of books to help you choose the right college!

College Essays - Need help with your entrance essays? These books can help!

College Match Maker - Search for colleges and universities based on what you want to study or the type of school you'd like to attend.

FAFSA - Get the form you'll need for all those college loans, plus school codes, instructions, deadlines, and more.

Know How to Go - You know you want to go to college. Now what? Check out this site and start planning early!

Next Step U - Not sure what your next step is after high school? Check out this site to help you plan.

Student Aid On the Web - Need help paying for college? This site has everything you need to know about federal funding for education.

Test Prep - Resources from your IPPL Librarians.


Jobs & Careers

CareerShip - Explore future careers based on your interests.

Job & Career Accelerator is a resource to explore potential occupations, build a resume and cover letter, search for jobs, and prepare for interviews.

Job & Career Resources - A guide from your IPPL Reference librarians.

SnagAJob - Search for after school or summer jobs by zip code!

Worknet DuPage - Provides career training and other resources for DuPage County residents.