Thank you to those who have contributed to the library.  We appreciate your thoughtfullness and generosity.


Library Donations:

Lord of Life Lutheran Church Seniors $25.00
On behalf of volunteer Jack McDonnell
       Peoples Gas Light and Coke Co. $300.00
John & Helen Galan $25.00
Darien Chamber of Commerce $100.00
Linda Templin & Gerard Hutter    $250.00
Anonymous $100.00
Leroy Hulbert $40.00
Joseph Pudlo $50.00
Debbie Sheehan donated camera lens $138.00
Darien Lions Club $500.00
Darien Garden Club $100.00
Laura Lein-Svencner art donation $1,000.00

Foundation Donations:

In memory of Adolph (Junior) Ottaviani
    The Metcalf family $50.00
In honor of Sinovi Jiya Agarwan  
    Valli V. Gupta $25.00
    Carol Purcell $30.00  
In memory of Henry W. Lazarski
    Loretta Lazarski $250.00
In honor of Jennifer Lewkowski
    Christela Popu $75.00
Christela Popu $75.00
Anonymous $28.00
In Memory of Joyce Ann Bohac
    Julianne Cali $250.00
Theresa Stevens $150.00
Darien Woman’s Club $630.00
Darien Woman’s Club Charity Fund Inc. $300.00
Fundinco Amazon Shoppers $51.35
Fundinco Amazon Shoppers $94.57
In Memory of Kevin Hartney
    Youth Services Staff $75.00
In Memory of Judith Ellen Carlson
    William C. Wrobel $75.00
Laura Wozny $20.00

Chan Fund Donations:

Dimpy Pathria Fund Donations:

2012 Donations

2013 Donations