bookmobile2The Indian Prairie Public Library District was established on July 1, 1988 by a voter approved merger of the Darien and Willowbrook libraries. This merger was the first of its kind in Illinois, approved by 85% of the voters. The Darien Woman's Club started a volunteer library in 1978, and in 1979 Willowbrook residents secured a grant to start library service. Both communities started tax-supported service in the early 1980s. Both were housed in storefronts within one mile of each other with similar budgets and populations. In 1993, a $4.95 million referendum to construct a new library was approved. Willowbrook Library

In January 1996, the library moved into the current 43,400 square foot facility on a four-acre site in the center of the district. The building project cost $5.8 million including site, furnishings, and equipment - the referendum funded only construction. No additional funding was provided for increased operating costs or increased collections.

Five years later, the library began planning to turn the unfinished space on the second floor into public areas.  Due to limited funding, the plans were reduced in scope. Youth and Young Adult Services expanded into about half of the remaining space on the second floor and the meeting room size was doubled.

In 2005, the second phase of the project was completed and the remaining unfinished space was developed into a new area for adults, housing magazines, computers, and a computer lab. Wireless service was installed throughout the library.

In 2010 the library completed an interior renovation. Besides painting, carpeting and tiling the interior, magazines and computers for adults moved to the first floor, placing all adult services on the same floor. Restrooms were moved and a vending cafe was added to the first floor. The second floor gained a restroom, a family center, a study room and the space for teens was tripled. In addition, furniture was reupholstered and new furniture was purchased to create a variety of types of spaces for the enjoyment of our library members and guests.