Thank you to those who have contributed to the library.  We appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.


Library Donations:

Patti Somers $3.50
In memory of Nancy C. Battaglia
       Odelia Borkovec $100.00
In memory of Rosemarie Kampwirth
       Mary Krekelberg $25.00
In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Auge
       Mary Krekelberg $200.00
Michael M. Sinatra $20.00
In memory of Charles Straka
       Elizabeth Stuart $100.00
In honor of The Starosta Family
       Barbara Barder $25.00
Darien Lions Club $500.00

Foundation Donations:

In memory of Barbara Summers
     Library Trustees $120.00
In memory of Annie Bukovac
     Library Trustees $40.00
Fundinco Amazon Shoppers $205.09
iGive Shoppers $57.21
Edwin Kampwirth Jr. $250.00
In honor of Jill Maffescioni
    Maria Wlosinski $75.00
In honor of Edwin Olsen
    Robert & Kathleen Greulich $150.00
Dr. Anita Arora $400.00
    Toward a scanner document feeder
In memory of Jack Thomsen  
    IPPL Staff $325.00
In memory of Joe Golab 
    IPPL Staff $112.50
Sandra Hendricks $75.00
Jonathan Troc, AT&T United Way $9.40
Laura Wozny $160.00
In memory of David Schilling
    Louise Schilling $150.00
In memory of Nijole Marija Dargis
    Liu Dargis $150.00
Northern Trust matching donation for William & Dorothy Fanning $50.00
In memory of Jack "JT" Thomsen
    Bruce & Barb Simak $75.00
John Formento $100.00
In memory of Sharon Both
    Darien Woman's Club $100.00
In memory of Mike Lazarski
    Carol Lazarski $225.00
Andrea Szilagyi $75.00
Jane Moss $75.00
In memory of Eric Schmid
    Jean Schmid $150.00
Darien Woman's Club $629.00
Sunt Wana $100.00
In memory of Jack Thomsen
    Cross County Investors $250.00
Keith & Pamela Derstine $250.00
CJ Tracy $25.00



2012 Donations

2013 Donations

2014 Donations