eTutor videos are short how-to videos to help you out with our library services. This page is still being developed. Check back often for more!

For all questions, please contact the library at 630/887-8760 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

iPad Basics

eTutor - iPad Photo Editing & Sharing
Did you know you can edit and share your photos on your iPad? We will show you how to crop, edit, and email your photos!
eTutor - Upgrading to iOS 7
Learn how to properly backup your iPad and upgrade to the latest version of iOS.
eTutor - Saving Battery Power iOS 7
Learn tips and tricks on saving battery power in the latest software update.
eTutor - iPad Basics
New to the iPad? We will explain what all the buttons and switches do on your iPad!
eTutor - Updating your iPad
Learn how to keep your iPad up to date.
eTutor - Passcode your iPad
Securing your iPad is easy. We will show you how to setup a passcode for your iPad.
eTutor - Install & Delete Apps
Installing app is easy and deleting them is even easier! We will show you how in this video.

Windows 8.1

eTutor- Shortcuts for Taskbar (Windows 8.1)
Learn how to create a shortcut for the Taskbar in Windows 8.1.
eTutor - Starting to the Desktop in Windows 8.1
Learn how to configure Windows 8.1 to start in desktop mode.


eTutor - CardStar
Learn how to download and use the CardStar App.

Hoopla & Roku (Streaming Music & Movies)

Hoopla eTutor Videos

eTutor - Hoopla Mobile Version
Learn how to download and stream music and movies from Hoopla on your mobile device!
eTutor - Hoopla Desktop Version
Learn how to stream music and movies from Hoopla on your desktop!

Roku eTutor Videos

eTutor - Connecting Roku to the TV
Indian Prairie Public Library offers Roku Players you can check out! This video shows you how to connect one of our players to a TV. Get more information at
eTutor - Configuring Wireless on the Roku
Learn how to configure the Roku device to your wireless network.
eTutor - Watching Movies on the Roku
Learn how to watch movies on the Roku player!

SWAN Catalog

eTutor - Creating a PIN in SWAN
Learn how to create a PIN for our SWAN Catalog.